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04-25-05, 10:14 AM
Graduation Attire Policy Could Change in Mosinee
Marines Could Wear Uniforms to Mosinee H.S. Graduation
Amanda Lutz

Mosinee's graduation attire policy only allows students to wear the traditional cap and gown, but two students, now at Marine boot camp, want to honor their class and their country by donning their dress blues at the ceremony.

Now, they're one step closer to doing so.

Before James Moller and Jon Carroll left for Marine boot camp in March, they told their families that they wanted to wear their dress uniforms when they graduate from Mosinee High School in June.

"They figure they've earned the right to wear their dress blues in honor of the U.S., and they will not falter," says Michelle Oxendorf, James' mom.

Right now, dress uniforms aren't allowed under Mosinee's graduation attire policy. After learning this, Michelle and Lisa started a petition, gathering support for their sons' decision. On Tuesday (4/19/05), it went before the Mosinee School Board.

"If we all stand together as a group and work together at this, there's power in numbers, and we can get this changed," says Lisa Revels, Jon's mom.

And the board voted 4-3 to change the policy, allowing active service members to wear their uniforms at commencement.

"I'm sure they'll be very pleased that they'll be able to participate in the ceremony and do it in the way they desire to in the first place," says Jim DeBroux, principal at Mosinee High School.

It will take a few days for their sons to get the news, but both Michelle and Lisa say they'll be relieved.

"They're gonna be excited; it's what they've wanted all along, and anxious to see what happens," they say.

Since the proposal requires a policy change, it will have to go through one more vote in order to be approved. The board will vote on this at their May 17 meeting.




04-25-05, 10:39 AM
Something seems slightly odd about this. So far as I remembered... you had to have graduated high school already before you can ship to boot camp. The only thing I can think of is that they graduated early (which is becoming more common), but their school is still having their ceremony at the end of the year for everyone. Still somewhat unusual. Though I've no doubt they'll have trouble getting a date! :marine:

Phantom Blooper
04-25-05, 10:53 AM
LivinSoFree,This was back in December 1995 my middle daughter graduated early (December) after that semester. She was able to go to prom,class trip,graduation ceremony for the sheepskin, and project graduation. Although she didn't pursue a military career she was able to go to the community college and work. I can't remember but I believe they gave her the transcripts to get in school (CC). Graduation was just a formality. Semper-Fi! "Never Forget" Chuck Hall

04-25-05, 11:16 AM
Nothing so odd about graduating mid term and then returning for graduation ceremonies. I did it in 86. The policy of wearing uniforms at graduation should be automatic and not require a vote. I didn't have my dress blues or I would have done the same. Way to go moms.

04-25-05, 11:17 AM
That's what I'd figured SSgt... it just struck me as slightly off at first. Now that I think about it, they've just recently started doing that back where I went to high school.