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10-22-02, 06:44 PM
Well folks, I'm all settled into my new place in Camp Lejeune. Hope all was well here while I was in the land of the un-connected.

Sgt E

10-22-02, 06:54 PM
Welcome Home Marine.

Welcome Back.

You Were Missed For Sure.

As you enter the Main, Sneeds Ferry or BackSide Gates as well as Camp Johnson and Camp Geiger please remember this Marine stood watch and guard many many a night on those sacred grounds. Think of 'ole JAM as you enter or exit. I'll be there allowing you to enter and wishing you a safe trip as you leave.

May you and your family prosper at your new Duty. It's a hell of a place.

God Speed Marine.

10-22-02, 06:55 PM
Hang up the pictures on the wall and relax for awhile.

Never been there, hope everyhthing works out alright, all the way aorund.

10-22-02, 07:32 PM
Welcome Home and Back!!!!!!!

Glad to see you made it to Swamp Lagoon alright............
You were missed around here and in the Chat room..............
Sit back relax, and enjoy your stay............
We have added a few things..........Marine Games and we now have a Gallery..........Hopefully you will add some pics to it.

It is sure nice to have you back.............



10-22-02, 08:17 PM
Glad to see ya. You buying?

10-23-02, 08:32 AM
Welcome aboard!


10-23-02, 08:49 AM
Glad to see ya around.
Hope all is well in NC
I might be joining you down there next year. I have missed that place.
Now that you are back, are you going to be behaving?

10-23-02, 01:01 PM
Glad to see that you made it to NC. It may not be the edge of the world, but you can see it from there.:p I spent most of my time there and across the river at the air station. We're all looking forward to your posts.

Take two days permissive to get the house set up and report back for duty.