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03-23-05, 01:17 AM
Such a tragedy.

I have to applaud the 4 Reserve Policemen that immediately closed in and confronted the killer.

No waiting for SWAT or ESU. It was just those four lightly armed policemen, and they did their jobs and went in.

03-23-05, 09:47 AM
Unfortunatley there will probably be a copy-cat incident soon! As our society grows and progresses we will undoubtedly see more youth violence, such a shame!

03-23-05, 05:45 PM
Seems like alot of these shootings have a few things in common.
After the shooting takes place..theirs always school mates and sometimes others too. That say during an interview...........The shooter(s) were weird. They said and or acted way out in space.

This holds true for this shooting............One person said this kid was teased alot by other school students. Is it me or does this say something in general about our morals in this day and age.??

Yes we had a small amount of violence in schools when I was in school. If someone teased you........They might get a knuckle sandwich..........Or bloody nose. But it seems like now if someone has issues with teachers...or other students. They just go get a weapon and start shooting.


God bless the Corps

03-23-05, 06:40 PM
The loss of innocence in our youth.

The embracing of violence glamorized in video games, movies & even animated features.
The "Gansta" mentality in music (and music videos) that even our middle & upper class youth "empathize" with. Kids right here in my very rural community, living in 1/2 million dollar homes walk around looking like, talking like and acting like getto boys & girls.

The internet allowing access to ugly stuff that unsupervised children absorb.

The innocence is gone.
I went to school where there were rules as to what you wore, how you acted, vulgarity was punishable and the social aspect was monitored. Those who did not tow the line had their parents to face. Oh, we had our "clicks" and I had a fight or two, but there was no need for metal detectors, drug counselors and feel good stuff ad naseum.

Single parenthood was a stigma that carried a high degree of shame. It happened rarely.

Alot of people claim that my views have nothing to do with kids acting out like this. But, they have no answers and the problem continues to grow.