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03-20-05, 08:27 AM

Whatever our hands touch...
We leave fingerprints.

On walls, on furniture,
On door knobs, dishes and books.
Smudges, showing we were there!
Oh Lord, please,
Wherever I go today...
Help me leave Heartprints...
Heartprints of compassion,
Understanding and love.

Heartprints of kindness
And genuine concern.
I shall go out today...
To leave Heartprints...
And if some one should say...
"I felt your touch!"
May that one feeling be...
Your loving touch, Lord,
Through me!

May my heart touch
my lonely neighbor, with a smile,
a worried mother, with peace,
a runaway child, with safety,
a homeless person, with warmth,
and my dear friends, with love.

Thus ends Today's Sunday School lesson

Semper Fi

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