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10-19-02, 06:21 PM
The General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) also known as the 'Gimpy',the GMPG is belt fed and 7.62 calibre gas operated,it is a multi purpose weapon the RM's use the weapon in both the light role and each unit also has13 GPMG in the sustained fire role every Marine must be proficient in this weapon

10-19-02, 06:27 PM
The Minimi Light MG,the weapon is gas operated and belt fed.The Ammo for this weapon system is held in a 200 round plastic box, the gun is bi-pod mounted and as an effective range of up to 1000 metres.

10-19-02, 06:31 PM
81mm Mortar,each unit carries 9,81mm Mortars.It can be carried in a light vehicle and where necessary broken down into parts all of which can be man-packed by the Mortar section

10-20-02, 04:10 PM
The 96A1 Sniper rifle. The 96A1 Sniper rifle is bolt action single shot weapon,it is accurate up to 1.000 metres and fires a 7.62mm round

10-21-02, 09:13 AM
The 0.5 Browning Heavy Machine Gun, Each RM Commando Unit have 14 of these weapons,and are operated by machine gun Troop,they are used under direct fire support

10-21-02, 10:38 AM
good pics.
Are these weapons the same as ours, or are they simply built by the same companies i.e. Colt, Fabricue national:qmark:

10-21-02, 05:45 PM
"Lurch",The weapons may be different than those used by the USMC, the Browning 50 cal is of course a USA weapon which I think is made on licence in the UK,the 200 Mag Minimi is a Belgian weapon,the Main Infantry SA80 made by Heckler & Koch which is owned by British Royal Ordanance the 81mm is in use with most other services,Main manufactures of British weapons are Enfield,Parker Hale and of course Royal Ordanance. no doubt (Harry Mac) can give us a more upto date knowledge as he is more up to date than me.

10-21-02, 05:53 PM
The Main Infantry weapon is the SA80,produced by Heckler&Koch, Weight 4.94 Kg complete with magazine and optical sight, 30 round mag effective range 500 metres 5.56 x 45 mm Ammo

10-21-02, 05:57 PM
The Barrett 0.50 inch Sniper rifle

10-24-02, 04:22 PM
ref sa 80 A2 rifle.

the recce troops of the bde have now had their m16's A3 withdrawn after extensive trials against the SA80 A2. whilst in oman both wpns were buried in the sand for a week. they were dug up and pulled through and oiled up no cleaning was under taken.

the SA80 A2 fired 16000 rds with only 10 stoppages.
the m16 A3 fired the 16000rds wtih over 100 stoppages. hence failing the criteria set for the SA80 A2 so has now been withdrawn from 3 commando brigade.

The reason for the SA80 failing in Afghanistan was that we had not been given the new cleaning schedual.

which has 3 types
operational cleaning pour more oil on it and clean gas parts after 1000 rds.

field cleaning clean and oil.

camp cleaning fully strip and clean.

i have just been on the range for the last 2 weeks and we only had one stoppage and that was due to the marine not following the laid down way of wpn care. he was using the old dry off all parts of the wpn and lightly oil moving parts. old method of preparing to fire. after pouring oil on the gas parts and breech block. we had now problems.

after the last 2 weeks i now a convert to the SA80 A2. the problem now is to convert the rest of the corp to this excellant.