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03-12-05, 12:06 AM
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Friday, March 11, 2005
Ward Churchill's Intimidation Works: University of Colorado Folds
Irrespective of the fact that seditionist Ward Churchill blatantly lied on his Resume to secure his professorial position as University of Colorado and has called for the violent overthrow of the USA, he and his attorney are close to getting a “big bucks” payoff from the school. Today’s Denver Post reports that the university and Churchill have reached a “buy out” figure, toward his departure. This is, yet, another magnificent example of leftist lies and criminal behaviors paying off big time. Although the amount of the settlement is being kept under wraps, speculation is that it could be as much as $1.0MM. This is another splendid illustration of unethical behavior paying off, which will soon be a precedent etched in stone, that is now available for viewing by all college students. For those young academics wondering how to make their fortunes in the world, this could be the way! The template that has, now, been drawn is: 1. Create a fake Resume; 2. Lie about your heritage; 3. Plagiarize and affect copyright infringements on others’ works; 4. Lie about your military service and, last but not least, 5. Denigrate your country and its citizens in favor of their enemies. This is a very simplistic model and one that should be easy to follow…even for Churchill’s supporters and students!

One of the initial lunacies affected by the University of Colorado was hiring this man, in the first place. Churchill had only a Master’s degree, not a doctorate. The reason given was that the university was afraid it would ‘lose Churchill to another school’. University of Colorado was afraid of losing a non-PhD to another university? That’s a new one! Then, the University of Colorado placed Churchill on a fast-track that would give him the quickest tenure of any professor prior to that time. What were they thinking? Was the reason because Churchill had claimed to be of American Indian heritage (a fact that has been strongly denied by numerous American Indian groups)? In respect to Churchill’s hiring, mistake after mistake seems to have been made by the University of Colorado. But, bear in mind, this is the same university that promoted “sex for athletic recruits” and is in the process of dismissing Phil Mitchell, PhD because he is “too overtly Christian”. Further, with Churchill’s payoff the Colorado taxpayers will, more than likely, end up paying for a portion of his “bribe to leave”.

The only positive thing to come from this madness is that any wise parents who have read about the Churchill debacle (and the others the school has wrought and continues to produce) will not send their sons and daughters to the University of Colorado. Eventually, corruption destroys itself.

This is another essential reason for parents and students to THOROUGHLY check out colleges before applying.


Matt Starbuck
03-12-05, 12:27 AM
Sad and agrivating to see our "places of higher learning" being held hostage by a rabid group trying to destoy our model of self government and institute their own idea of paradise, much like the Taliban tried to do in Afganistan.

03-12-05, 06:59 AM
Churchill (the ultimate irony is his namesake) is just one example of what has been happening on our college campuses throughout the United States. Academia in the U.S. is being held hostage by the radical left - looney tunes like Churchill as well as the femi-nazi's. The by-product are all these left-leaning journalists, ACLU lawyers, etc. Where else in a free market economy are you going to find such a thing as "tenure?"

03-12-05, 01:03 PM
The good news is the latest - the University broke off negotiations about a "buyout". as an alum of CU med school, I can state with conviction that they will have great difficulty soliciting donations of money if they pay that jerk and fraud one cent to "buy him out".

OTOH, if they want money to fight any lawsuit he is threatening to file, count me in as a contributor!!


03-13-05, 07:58 AM
Article Published: Sunday, March 13, 2005 <br />
Sacred cow of tenure laid low? <br />
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Denver Post Staff Writer <br />
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In both shouts and murmurs, the Ward Churchill controversy has echoed...