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02-17-05, 01:03 PM
Hi All Brother Marines,

I am Dat, Thi Bich, Phan (female) – 76 years old – living in Vietnam.

I was employed and contracted by the USN and USMC to provide gift-shops, and laundry services to the NMCBs and FLC stationed in Da Nang, Vietnam from 1965 - 1972. My establishments were named "Tien Dat" or "Mai Huong".

I lost all my papers to serve for the US military, fortunately, I find out some of Marines and Seabees who give me their legal confirmation letters, as follows:

-Mr. Steve Duncan (USMC 1965-1966).
-Mr. Jack Schafer (USN – MCB.1 1966-1967).
-Mr. Terrance McCann (USMC – FLC 1966-1967).
-Mr. Jim Wodecki (USMC – FLC 1966-1967).
-Mr. Gary L. Bolter (USMC – FLC 1966-1967).
-Mr. Ron Brobst (USMC – FLC 1967-1968).
-Mr. Robert S. Snell (USMC – FLC 1967-1968).

They are the witness of my working history during that time. I am moved deeply when I received their kindness. In addition, I have received the letter of recommendation from Mr. Jeffrey E. Northridge (US Army 1968-1969). It has been 39 years, they also remember me. I must thanks a million to all of you who give a favor at the end of my life.

Although, you endured much suffering in the Vietnam War in which had blood, tears, sweat…, I understand it so much and I think those are your jobs. You made the good things such as helping the poor, building houses, bridges.., loving children…when you were here, I and all people have not forgot it.

I desire that all Marines who know me from 1965 to 1972 and attended my daughter’s weeding (Mai Huong – Linda), please drop me a line: tracydiemphan@yahoo.com.

Many thanks,
Best regards,