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A Kennedy by Any Other Name is a Churchill

February 4, 2005

by Frank Salvato


There is an anti-American attitude prevalent among the liberal left. Its severity increases as one ventures further toward the extreme left of liberalism. It also increases as one ventures closer to any college campus. The irony here is that a group of people who pride themselves on being tolerant and open-minded, enlightened if you will, have become the definition of intolerance. They defend the indefensible and twist every negative situation into America’s fault. Say hello to the “blame America first” crowd.

We saw this intellectual darkness gather its voice together in the 1960’s. They were the anti-war and anti-establishment crowd. They hated Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, as well as Richard Nixon, a Republican. They were rebellious to a fault many times just for the sake of opposition regardless of how stupid their opposing viewpoint happened to be. “Tune in, turn on and drop out,” was the motto of the day as expressed by one of the icons of “the movement,” Timothy Leary. It was the era of ideologically motivated riots, the militant Black Panthers, the Weathermen and the “Chicago 7.”

In protesting a war that they insisted was illegal and immoral the “tolerant and enlightened” liberal left diligently undermined, belittled and demoralized US troops both in the field and upon their arrival home. ‘Baby killers’ was a common phrase hurled at young men and women returning from the warfront, where they lived through hell on earth. As hateful effrontery, along with spit and garbage, was hurled at our service men and women, these liberal activists not only proved their intolerance and lack of enlightenment but exposed their roles as the intellectually dwarfed pawns of a budding socialist and globalist movement, their heroes Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

In hindsight the country now understands that the Vietnam War was a battle in the larger Cold War. The US stood by the treaties we entered into with countries that were threatened by the advancement of communism. John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, understood and recognized this threat. He recognized it in Cuba in the Russians move to base nuclear missiles just 90 miles from our border. America’s involvement in the Vietnam War was a result of the Kennedy Administration not the Nixon Administration. Contrary to revisionist history, Kennedy and Johnson got us into Vietnam. Nixon got us out. While the liberal left celebrated “peace with honor,” the consequences of their “victory,” the killing fields, Pol Pot and the North Vietnamese “re-education camps,” saw millions slaughtered and tortured. Such was the prize reaped by a victorious extreme and liberal left.

Today we are seeing the same intellectual darkness gather again. Ironically, two of the architects of the disaster that was “the movement” of the 1960’s are chief among the voices of this darkness today.

John Kerry was a main player in the contrived Winter Soldier Investigations. He lied in his testimony before Congress and committed acts of treason by meeting with enemy representatives in Paris while still in the US military. Today he has condemned the liberation of Iraq while ignoring the killing fields of Saddam Hussein, opting instead to focus on only one of the multiple reasons given for removing Saddam Hussein from power, WMD. He has even gone as far as to caution Americans not to “over-hype” the success of the first free elections in Iraq in over 50 years. In Kerry’s “enlightened” view we should ignore the Iraqi people celebrating in the streets at their chance to embrace freedom. Then again, in Kerry’s “enlightened” view the UN Inspections were working. In reality the UN inspectors couldn’t have found the nose on Barbara Streisand’s face.

While Teddy Kennedy claims to be of the “majority party” – how a lesser number equates to a majority is a quandary – it is safe to say that he has never been bothered by the mundane problems of the everyman. To him, a crisis at home involves bridges, family members being jailed for beating neighbor girls to death with nine irons and whether the new jib came in for the sloop.

Today Kennedy claims the US military is mired in a tactical “quagmire” just as loudly and illegitimately as he did in the 1960’s when he was protesting his brother’s war. He is doing it for the same reasons as well, not because it is the truth but for political gain. His tired and unfounded conspiracy theories about how we came to be in Iraq established, Kennedy is now demanding that President Bush expose an “exit strategy” for disengaging our troops from Iraq. The two obvious eyebrow-raisers here are: 1) we all know our “exit strategy” – a stable, self-sufficient, democratic Iraq, and 2) publicizing our military strategies is definitely not a product of “enlightened” thinking. Instead it is incredibly stupid. It gives our enemy information on just how long they have to hold out until they can be victorious. If an award for incompetence in military strategy were created, Kennedy would be honored for lifetime achievement. He has never been on the winning side of any US conflict and has demonstrated a desire to aid the enemy with his rhetoric and obstructionism. Why in God’s name should we ever listen to this man in matters of conflict?

But perhaps University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill has achieved the pinnacle of extreme liberal “enlightenment.” Churchill suggested that the 3000+ people massacred on September 11 th deserved to die at the hands of Islamo-Fascist terrorists. He justified al Qaeda’s actions by being critical of US foreign policy. In explaining his position he quoted that sage of the “enlightened left,” mass-murderer Charles Manson: “What goes around comes around.” He even went as far as to say that the, "technocrats of empire working in the World Trade Center were the equivalent of little [Adolph] Eichmanns." A more obvious and loathsome example of the “blame America first” crowd may never be exhibited.

Recently, the American Indian Movement (AIM) exposed Churchill, the coordinator of American Indian studies at UC, as a fraud. After a 25-year internal investigation of Churchill, AIM condemned Churchill’s writings and called for educators to remove his books from their programs and schools stating that he was, “deceitful and treacherous” and “a white man masquerading as an Indian.” Churchill was expelled from the International Indian Treaty Council in 1986 and from AIM in 1993.

Churchill is an ignorantly evil fraud of a man and the UC should terminate his employment, not because of his inflammatory and irresponsible statements about those who perished on September 11 th, his right to free speech remains inalienable, but because he is a charlatan.

As for Kennedy and Kerry, funny how two men, two ideological dinosaurs, from one of the smallest and least populated states in the country can wreak so much havoc on our nation. We certainly don’t have to have a patriotic litmus test but we don’t have to embrace those who hate our country. To borrow a phrase from Bill Clinton, it’s time for “change” in Massachusetts.

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