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02-03-05, 05:29 PM
Marine General Says Shooting Some Is 'Fun' <br />
<br />
<br />
Associated Press <br />
<br />
<br />
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WASHINGTON - A decorated Marine Corps general said, &quot;It's fun to shoot some people&quot; and poked fun at the...

02-03-05, 05:31 PM
Go General!!! You're right.

Semper Fi

02-03-05, 06:39 PM
"We do not need generals who treat the grim business of war as a sporting event," said the council's executive director, Nihad Awad. "These disturbing remarks are indicative of an apparent indifference to the value of human life."
...and slapping women around for not wearing a veil is a good human value?

Get some General Mattis!

02-04-05, 06:03 AM
What a pack of Jackals! ABC just led off Good Morning America with this: Marine General Says it's fun to kill.
Talk about out of context!
I was in the news business for 35 years and it shames me what it's come to.

02-04-05, 07:09 AM
Dead on comment Yellowwing !

It amazes me that's what is offered up as a counterpoint to Gen Mattis comment.....I guess you can argue that the Gen should have parsed his words a bit more carefully--even though we can appreciate his candor most folk today are to whimpy is fearful to ever really want to hear truth--but to have this Awad guy comment as a representative of a religion that feels it is fine to slaughter non believers--men women and children--and infidals as a matter of doctrine is the height of hypocracy from my point of view.

02-04-05, 07:22 AM
Marine General Counseled Over Comments <br />
<br />
WASHINGTON - A Marine Corps general with battle awards is being counseled to watch his words more carefully after publicly observing that &quot;it's fun to shoot...

02-04-05, 07:48 AM
Lt General Mattis photo. <br />
<br />
Take a look at that hard charger behind the General. Is that not the face of a Marine that would do anything for General Mattis!

02-04-05, 07:56 AM
I like the fact that the Commandant stood squarely & solidly behind Gen Mattis. He did not wimp out to the PC crowd of numb skulls.

Old Marine
02-04-05, 07:59 AM
Give um Hell General.

General Mattis must be out of the Chesty Puller mold.

02-04-05, 08:14 AM
Marine = Loyalty up, Loyalty down !! SEMPER FIDELIS !!

I enjoyed reading that Gen Hagee "counseled" Mattis---and I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that converstion ! But it ends there, as it should, and the Pres supports that point too. End of issue move on....

We can leave it to the weenie hand ringers to fret and moan that the "Muslims won't like us..." F**k em !

02-04-05, 08:15 AM
Reminds me of when I got to hear General Al Gray speak, back in 1985ish. He talked of the briefly used Marine Corps recruiting poster, "Nobody like to fight, but someone has to."

He said something like, "Bullsh*t, we are Marines. We love to fight!"

02-04-05, 08:27 AM
"We do not need generals who treat the grim business of war as a sporting event," said the council's executive director, Nihad Awad. "These disturbing remarks are indicative of an apparent indifference to the value of human life."

You're absolutely right, USMC FO! This putrid comment coming from a guy who represents a society that has savagely killed, maimed, raped, beheaded, and beaten far more people than the U.S. Military has ever even thought about.

Our only indifference to the value of human life is that the enemy's life is so much less valuable than mine or my family's.

The democratic thing to do would be to tell them how we feel.

Council on American-Islamic Relations
453 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003

Tel: 202-488-8787
Fax: 202-488-0833
Email: cair@cair-net.org

02-04-05, 08:51 AM
:marine: I'll make this short and sweet!!!...."A Good Raghead is a Dead Raghead"....Semper Fi, Mac:marine:

02-04-05, 09:08 AM
Nothing ambiguous there Chris .... short sweet and to the point...just what one would expect from an old tanker !!



Toby M
02-04-05, 09:52 AM
Nihad Awad-spokesman for the American-Islamic Civil Liberties group...Hmmmmm, is this an offshoot of the ACLU? I'm thinking him and his entire group need to start backing the American fighting force (incuding General Mattis) that is fighting for what he stand for or get the F### out!

02-04-05, 11:54 AM
:marine: Friggin'"A" Phil....right on FO....both you and I know as well as many more of us in here, that I'd rather see thousands of enemy/dead in the wire...than to lose one valiant Marine...most of the American people aren't Marines or can't fathom one iota about our mindset in battle...this Marine warrior needs some cover fire...lay it down heavy in a interlocking field of fire/pattern,so nothing is left standing or alive!!...the good General was correct; it was "fun at times popping off gooks"...we were experts at it...there is no doubt in my mind that the Commandant, Gen Hagee will...NOT...throw Gen Mattis to the [politically correct] media-jackals, all of whom, loathe the power/prestige of the United States Marine Corps and what we stand for since 1775...Long live Marine General Mattis-USMC :marine:

02-04-05, 12:54 PM
Heck yeah its fun thats what we get paid to do. And you get the satisfaction that they will never again be a threat to us any more.

Fred Pfeiffer
02-04-05, 01:00 PM
I was just thinking of what Chesty would have said if he were still with us.

A smile is on my face as I think about it.

The PC crowd of today would give birth to a cow if they ever heard him tell it like it is.

Good night Chesty, where ever you are.

Semper Fidelis,

02-04-05, 01:04 PM
Well said Fred, he would have been real proud.

Good night Chesty, where ever you are.

Semper Fi

02-04-05, 04:45 PM
This is an excerpt from the 4 Feb NY Times:

The general is no stranger to controversy. After marines under his command seized an airstrip in Afghanistan at the start of the war against the Taliban, he declared, "The Marines have landed, and we now own a piece of Afghanistan."

The remark grated on Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, who with other Pentagon officials considered the remark impolitic given the administration's stated goal that the United States was freeing Afghanistan from the tyranny of the Taliban, not seizing land in a Muslim nation.

Lost in Civilian Translation
Any Marine understands what he meant. SecDef understood what he meant. POTUS understood what he meant. The civilians didn't know what he meant.

When we say, "We now own the enemy", it doesn't mean we condone owning human beings as property. In civilianese it translates to, "We have complete control and are moving at will."

If our senior staff have to learn civilianese, why can't reporters learn our lingo?

And it keeps changing in every conflict. In Somalia, we didn't "kill the enemy", we "Attrited Technicals." WTF?

02-04-05, 06:37 PM
yellowwing, the problem is, (as you stated) with the media. They don't seem to understand the difference between sh*t and kiwi wax!

The General is colorful with his lanuage---I for one enjoy that!

I believe the media would have the Marines (if they could---and they can't) walking around in a skirt begging the enemy forces to be nice.

Give 'em hell General!!!

02-04-05, 08:28 PM
You just gotta love a Marine General.

02-04-05, 09:14 PM
3 stars, no brain.

02-04-05, 10:13 PM
ivalis you have an attatude that is not becoming of a Marine you disrespect our Corps by calling it the crotch you disrespect our Generals as having stars but no brains and you now have me wondering...

02-05-05, 05:02 AM
Ivalis, sometimes you are a real ***hole.
You also are a Marine and that makes you my brother.
Sometimes being a Marine isn't easy. Many times being a Marine isn't easy.

02-05-05, 05:34 AM
I'm a newbie to posting here, but I gotta agree, ivalis is one mixed up dude.

Why do buttons need to be pushed all the time.

We've been somewhere, we're back, we're Brothers.

Just quite ****in' in my mess gear.


02-05-05, 06:51 AM
Spoke to tigger about this one, as he served under General Mattis's command in Iraq - his response was pencil-pushers need to get their boots on the ground and take a reality check - he'd follow Mattis anywhere.

02-05-05, 06:53 AM
cripes he's a Lt General, confirmed by the US Senate. He should of known better. What he says in front of group of grunts is one thing. He should know that if he can be quoted, he will. I have no problem with his statement, that's not this issue. He got jammed up for not paying attention to what has gone on in the past.

02-05-05, 05:51 PM
Ivalis makes a good point---I wish I could argue with him on this but instead I think that he is right. Poor judgement on the General's part. Don't put this kind of comment in front of the press!

No question that Ivalis is a Marine---Check the additude---LMAO

02-05-05, 06:49 PM
Just to show ya'll that the NY Times is not a TOTAL left wing rag, they did let General Pace have the last words in the column.

Gen. Peter Pace, a Marine officer who is vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at the same briefing that he would let General Mattis speak for himself.

"But I will tell you," General Pace said, "that the last three times that that general has been in combat, when he was leading Marines in Afghanistan, and the two times that he led his division in Iraq, his actions, and those of his troops, clearly show that he understands the value of proper leadership and the value of human life."


02-05-05, 10:22 PM
Gen Pace was my commanding Officer on recruiting duty. And kept his Marines close to him as all great Marines keep them close. Gen Mattis is as great as Gen Pace in all aspects of leadership. Gen Mattis is upholding freedom and is not condoning war. He makes a very excellent point to me in not allowing the taliban or anybody mistreat anybody. If someone were to bully our women around for not wearing a veil I would retaliate just like Gen Mattis. Sempfer Fidelis General Mattis

OORAH Get some ... !!!!

02-06-05, 03:57 AM
A jack nicholson line for our friends in the press

" You want the truth..... You can't handel the truth"

American islamic relations... How exactley do you have relations with something that has no government, no leaders other than self appointed leaders, No morals, No values, and more factions than a $2 hooker has crabs ?

Here's how American- Whoever relations of the past made this country great. Shut your b*tchn whineing holes, get in the melting pot and MELT MF or get the F out !!!

Anyone else sick and tired of hyphenated American? ie Mexican-American, African-American, Asain-American......etc Be proud of your heritage, celebrate it, but in my mind there is only one American and you either are one or your not.

to quote R.Lee Ermey
" I was born and AMERICAN, I will live as an AMERICAN, and I will die an AMERICAN.



02-06-05, 07:23 AM
I couldn't have said it better myself. Either you root for the home team, or get the hell out of the stadium.

02-06-05, 03:57 PM
Maybe I'm wrong but.... I didn't find anything that the good General said to be wrong. When your right, your right and the General is right.

I guess another perfect example of how civilians just don't or can't understand.

02-06-05, 09:08 PM

I agree with you 100 %

Semper Fidelis

02-07-05, 10:18 AM
I think the General deserves another star! Anyone want to sign that petition to make it happen?

Ya know, I would think that even leftist sandal-wearing numbskulls full of mush would want someone to enjoy their job and do it well, especially if their job is to KILL THE ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

He gets another start. Period. I'm writing the order and sending it to the Pentagon now.

02-16-05, 12:58 PM
the general has a warrior's heart and if he didn't he shouldn't be leading Marines--being politicaly correct is for politicians--not Marine Corps generals--semper fi general' i would follow you--semper fi to my brothers

02-17-05, 10:44 AM
In reply to : Three stars No brains!

Posted by ivalis

That has got ot be the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen posted about a Marine General in my time on this site. You sould have your head checked if you think that you can say **** like that and get away with it! You could not possibly be a Marine, or at least one who has fought beside the likes of General Mattis.

I for one believe that the Corps is founded on the very beliefs that this man expressed. To shoot him down after all his service to our country was a bad idea on your part as well as the medias!

Everyone is entitled to their own oppinions, but to disrespect the Corps while on a site dedicated to the men and women who have worn the same uniform IS COMPLETLY OUT OF LINE!!!

You should think before you write..................... :mad:

02-17-05, 11:11 AM
Ivalis is not questioning the abilities and combat leadership of General Mattis. If you have not noticed, those with Stars have been elavated to Demi-God Status as of late by the Media.

Ivalis is one of the finest Viet Nam veterans I have had the pleasure of knowing. No, Ivalis does not follow the majority consensus.

And as with all Marines, he speaks his mind and does not care if you agree with him. Another Marine attribute.

But as a fellow Marine, I'd would not worry if he had my back!

02-17-05, 02:50 PM
I appoligize, I just cant stand the bashing of another good Marine.

Again sincerly,