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01-31-05, 07:29 AM
Liberal Democrats: Tools of the Terrorist
January 31, 2005

by J. Matt Barber


Remember September 11, 2001? I do. Many seem to have forgotten.

We live in a post 9/11 world so let’s be direct. The grave reality is that right now thousands of radical Islamic terrorists fully intend, and are very specifically preparing to kill you, your spouse, your children, and everyone that you know and love.

It’s a grim certainty that if left unchallenged, these same terrorists will gain possession of the materials necessary to manufacture a dirty bomb, and/or – God forbid – a nuclear weapon – either of which they will joyfully, and most certainly deploy against American men, women and children.

Alarmist scare-tactics, right?

Damn right!

You should be alarmed, and you should be scared. Fear rooted in fact, stemming from danger is not only healthy – it’s central to survival.

However, we mustn’t let fear be the precursor to paralysis. We can’t let the evil ones dictate how we live our lives. Rather, we must decisively take whatever action is necessary to insure that these murderous cowards who live to kill, and long to die, achieve the latter before the former.

Thank God we have a President with both courage of heart and clarity of mind to answer the call to action. He’s shown that he will take any step required to destroy those who would do us harm. Notice I said destroy – not appease – not negotiate with – not try to understand – but very plainly and simply…destroy. Our government – our military – our Commander-in-Chief has no greater calling than to protect our citizens – even those who foolishly bawl that they don’t desire protection.

Here’s a fact that seems to have been forgotten by many on the left – namely, liberal Democrats – let’s refresh their recollection: On September 11, 2001 Muslim fundamentalist terrorists declared war on America when they murdered over three thousand of our innocent men, women and children.

We were rocked by a spineless sucker-punch to be sure. But, now we’re taking the fight to them. With nearly two-thirds of Al Qaeda’s leadership dead or captured, we’ve got-em on the run.

Make no mistake; the war in Iraq is just one battle in the larger war on terror. America has defined the terms. We have determined the where and the when. Iraq is the rattler’s nest – the front-line against Al Qaeda and her many terrorist cousins. Like roaches to a roach-motel, those who seek to kill you and your children are drawn by blind hatred for freedom. We kill them there, so that they can’t kill us here.

Yet no campaign is foolproof, and this one has neither been, nor will it be without gut-wrenching sacrifice. Still, our very survival depends upon victory.

Of course even now our homeland continues to be at risk. As our President has made perfectly clear, the war on terror will take decades. Nonetheless, as nearly four years without a homeland attack have proven, we’re safer today than we were yesterday, or the day before.

The majority of Americans are grateful beyond words for the brave men and women who defend us. Likewise, most Iraqis are thankful for having been liberated from the tyrant Saddam Hussein – the terrorist monster who victimized them for decades.

But regrettably, there are those in our midst, even within the halls of Congress, who seek to undermine the war on terror – who selfishly, for love of power lost, fire munitions of disingenuous rhetoric at the very troops who defend them – and furthermore, who transparently seek to undercut the momentous and overwhelming success of Iraq’s free elections.

And that success was indeed mind-boggling. The tremendous yearning of the human spirit for freedom was inspiring to behold. Under threat of brutal murder, somewhere between 60 – 72 percent of Iraqis sent a resounding message to both the terrorists, and to liberal Democrats when they boldly, and for the first time, wholly exercised their God-given right of self-determination. They’ve decided who will lead a free and sovereign Iraq. America no longer “occupies” her borders – we are welcome guests of a duly elected government.

But freedom never comes without a price. At least 44 innocent Iraqis made the ultimate sacrifice at the polls when they were murdered in cold blood by the very terrorists responsible for 9/11. These remarkable Iraqi citizens truly were “martyrs” for liberty, in the genuine sense of the word. May God bless their precious souls.

There were two principal bodies hostile to President Bush that lost big on Election Day: Terrorists, and nay-saying liberal Democrats. The elections serve as a historical milestone in sowing the seeds of democracy throughout the Arab nations. Moreover, they represent a catastrophic blow to both our enemies in the war on terror, and to liberal Democrats who, from a political standpoint, have inelegantly arranged it so that good news for the President, our Nation, and the world – is bad news for them.

In a fashion most dishonorable, these liberal Democrats have become tools of the terrorist – it’s a shameful alliance. Case in point: As if Osama bin Laden himself prepared the manuscript from which he spewed his bile, Democratic leader Ted Kennedy, the senior Senator from Massachusetts, ramped up his attempts to undermine the war effort just three days prior to Iraq’s free elections.

He compared the battle for Iraq to a Vietnam “quagmire” and declared: “The U.S. military presence has become part of the problem, not part of the solution.” Drunk with bitterness over Democrats’ sound trouncing in our own recent elections, Kennedy has lead the call for America to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq – to drive off freedom’s bridge, capsize the vehicle of progress, and cowardly abandon our Iraqi passengers to drown, as it were, in three feet of hostile waters.

In recent months, Kennedy has called the war on terror “George Bush’s Vietnam,” and a “fraud made up in Texas.” Of course his self-serving anti-American words fill the airwaves, delighting the terrorists, Al-Jazeera, and other enemy media outlets, making for marvelous and very useful propaganda.

Unfortunately, this is only one small example of the left’s traitorous obstructionism. They continue to throw themselves to the ground kicking and screaming amid a childish, yet destructive, conniption fit.

By attacking both our troops and their noble struggle, they offer aid and comfort to the enemy – they embolden and galvanize the terrorists in their effort to kill both Americans, and innocent Iraqi civilians.

But, it should really come as little surprise. The Democratic formula from day one of President Bush’s first term has been comprised of an amalgamation of petty obstructionism and defeatist pessimism.

Americans will not soon forget Democrat’s needless filibustering and brazen blockage of several of the President’s highly qualified Black and Hispanic judicial nominees. Nor, will they soon forget Democrat’s recent deplorable and racist treatment of, now Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice as their formula for failure was applied. However, in matters of life and death, tragically, theirs too is a formula for disaster.

It makes little sense really, but as the Democratic leadership continues to undermine America’s war on terror, and to help provide the murderers with rhetorical tools of the trade, they refuse to reflect on lessons learned by their own Obstructer-in-Chief – former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

He now floats aimlessly downstream, having cried himself a river of regret, forced into retirement by Americans weary of his underhanded obstructionist tactics. He was defeated in his re-election bid after thirty-eight years in Congress for doing exactly what the minority party leadership is doing today.

So, keep it up Democrats, if you must. Continue to obstruct America’s war on terror, ignoring the lessons of the Daschle defeat – continue to sully the brave men and women of the armed forces who risk it all while you endeavor to beg, borrow and steal your way back into a position of power – continue, and the natural consequences of your actions will be a foregone conclusion. You’ll have but one relevant question left to ask the former Senator from South Dakota on our next election day – that is: “Hey Tom…how’s the water?”

J. Matt Barber

Copyright © 2005 by J. Matt Barber


01-31-05, 08:32 AM
Another media schlep getting paid to tie terrorism to Liberals. J Matt Barber is probably making more than 80% of us just by rewording the same old schtick.

Will someone remind these writers that the Republicans won. The House, The Senate, and the Big Prize.

Iraq finally had a free and democratic election. (Which I am sincerly very happy about).

Even after a brief p*ssing match, Condeleeza was resoundingly approved.

Chief Justice Rehnquist will not be on the bench by the time our duly elected President is finished with his second term. We will get a least another right wing appointment to the Supreme Court.

01-31-05, 09:46 AM
Not only that, but it's tasteless and poorly written. "Remember September 11, 2001...?" What a piece of schlock... invoking a national tragedy to advance a political agenda is the WORST kind of shameless.