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01-14-05, 10:03 AM
Ok, so here's the deal.

I'm seriously considering reenlisting in the Marine Corps after having been out since 3/88. I spent from 3/82-1/88 in Reserve, then 88-90 IRR. Since then, I finally finished my Bachelor of Science and have a "cushy" executive position at a company in Southern California. Obviously, I have trouble with sitting at a desk every damn day pushing paper around and dealing with posers.

My original intention was to go back to a Reserve unit here in SoCal. After a little thought, I think I may want to just go back on Active Duty and escape this rat race, regardless of how much of a giant pay cut I'm going to have to take. I was told yesterday by a recruiter that I would need to re-take the ASVAB. I have no idea what it even looks like anymore, I took it in the spring of 1982.

Is there any study guide or sample tests anyone can point me to?

Toby M
01-14-05, 10:16 AM
No info for you Jarhead but I admire your courage. Best of luck!

01-14-05, 10:18 AM
I think there is. Check out Marines.com they may have the answers. Did you talk to a prior service recruiter?

01-14-05, 10:27 AM
Hi Timber,

Yes, I talked with a prior service recruiter last October in Encino, CA (Sgt Lee), about Reserve reenlistment, and talked to a regular recruiter in Pasadena, CA (SSgt Sanchez) yesterday about the possibility of a PSEP to AD. He's the one who told me about the ASVAB requirement. I'm sure I'll pass it, but the idea is that I want to eventually get to WO or Gunner when I finally get SSgt (since a commission is out of the question at my age). I want my ASVAB to be stellar, not just passing.

Thanks for the referral to Marines.com though!

01-14-05, 10:31 AM
SHoot jarhead, do you remember the ASVAB the first time you took it? I slept through the darn thing and was still told I qualified for any MOS the Corps had to offer. and I suck at math. Even if it HAS changed, you should have no problems scoring high. after all, it is designed to let LOW LEVEL high school graduates in. or at least it was.

either way, good luck :D

01-14-05, 10:35 AM
Good luck with everything Jarhed. My hat is off to you. Sometimes I wish I had the freedom to make that move, Semper Fi sir. Let us know how it goes.

01-14-05, 10:35 AM
Thanks HardJedi!

The only thing I remember from that many years ago was that my EL score was high enough for OCS or PLC, which was my intention at the time while I was attending Penn State. Unfortunately, beer, freshman girls,.... you get the picture. My grades ended that until I went back to finish in the 90's.

No problem passing, but I actually want as close to a perfect score as possible. Maybe I'm asking too much, but I never settle for second best. A bad habit I learned at this little southern resort I stayed at during the summer of 1982. 84 roomates, 84 fun-filled days of constant tender loving care!

01-19-05, 03:08 AM
Not sure if your are still wondering I know a few of my marines went to a book store in the mall and found study guides for it they were in the area with the ones for college exams (sat act and all that trash)
Hope it helps

01-19-05, 06:54 AM

01-19-05, 08:16 AM
I have the the 2005 ASVAB test prep book if you need it Jarhead.

01-19-05, 10:17 AM
Got a couple of guides and I'm in the middle of the military.com ASVAB sample test. Thanks everyone!

BTW, I wont be able to go on Active Duty according to the recruiter because "I'm too old", but if I get a 1st Class PFT, anything is possible. He actually suggested I go to the Army Nat Guard, to which I almost puked up my knee cartiledge. Told him that I'd go ahead into the USMC Reserve.

I coulda sworn that I read somewhere that the max age should be nothing over age 35 with the adjustments. With the adjustments, I'm 34 right now. I had six years. But he said I cant be over 34. No biggie, go reserve, get mobilized, stay active.

10-11-05, 05:54 PM
anyone know where I can get a free online asvab for my JROTC unit?

Joseph P Carey
10-11-05, 06:16 PM
I just read something on this media where the age limit had gone up to the early 40's!? But, with time in service, don't the years change, because of the applied service? In truth, if you have x amount of years, will not those years apply toward your retirement and therefore lessen the number of years that you are to serve? Let us say 25 years minus 8 is 17 years, so 17 plus 34 equals 51 (Give one more year for the effort, maybe 52) as your age of retirement. It seems to me that you're within regs as far as retirement age is concerned. The College degree and the professional experience will assist in these matters a great deal.

10-11-05, 06:21 PM
My question is WHY do you want to go back in the Corps?

10-11-05, 07:59 PM
I dont think the age limit has gone up for the Corps. The Army yeah, but not the Corps.

Why go back in the Corps? Well, I could list all of the "wanna get some" bullshat reasons, but let me put it to you this way:

I'm able bodied, I'm healthy, I miss my Marine Corps, I hate the corporate pogue world, and there are Marines doing a third tour (I think that is rediculous).

So far, I have a good chance of getting into 3rd CAG. Grunt is my first choice, but if the Corps says they dont want a 40 year old Sgt in the grunts, I'll take whatever I can to help.

10-12-05, 02:00 AM
Dude... you are my Idol.