View Full Version : What To Do About Spammers?

10-15-02, 07:58 AM
Well, there are spammers and there are spammers.

My rule of thumb is, when they **** me off, I just hit the Reply/Reply All key and maybe even then click the Send button a couple hundred times for good measure. Maybe even a personal message to make their day.

That will not work w/the professional spammers, as the e-mail is just returned to you indicating there was no such sender. There is, however, some lesser spammers--not so bright--who do, in fact, get the e-mail dumped back on 'em!

Yesterday, for instance, I got one from a nameless "webmaster" of a website suggesting "I" add my banner to their site/and mine, so that "I" could get more hits. Why do I want with more hits? I'm not a Merchant-marine selling t-shirts and other trinkets. Anyway, this one came from the site of a well-known pseudo-gunny--you know, the epitome of the classic Hollywood loud-mouth sergeant--, and I got back several very irate, and threatening even, e-mails--so many in fact I enabled an e-mail block for this creep--it's working!

Semper Fidelis.
Dick Gaines

10-15-02, 07:59 AM
maybe they just want a second opinion--OK, tell 'em they're ugly SOBs, too!

Just Plain Dick!