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01-03-05, 02:32 PM
My question is simple: Why has Sgt. Rapahel Peralta NOT been submitted for the Medal of Honor? In Iraq he was shot 2 times and when a grenade landed in his pos, he rolled on top of it, took the ENTIRE blast, and saved Marines. He died from that blast. I have been closely watching this case since it happened a couple of months ago. I also am very aware of the MC Awards system and how it works. But he has not even been entered for the Combat Action Ribbon in the system. Putting in a 1650 is simple and in a combat zone, someone always has time for submissions like this. I have been monitoring a trend, as in all wars, where awards seem to be rank commisurate. This case transcends that. During Viet Nam, enlisted men, mostly, had to be dead to recieve the MOH. But zero's seem to survive at an alarming rate. I could rant on that but I won't. Loyalty and discipline make us Marines. However, I do think this calls for us to get the ball rolling through our Congressmen and I will start it through the media. Semper Fi.

01-03-05, 02:42 PM
Mrs. Dole, and Mr Burr will be notified, along with Mr McCain. Where is the Marines home state?

I believe this medal with rank trend got started back in the gulf war where swratzcghowgregwdfbeqgr got the MOH for being the commander.

01-03-05, 02:46 PM
If anybody deserves the M.O.H. it is this marine, what more could be given by this extraordinary man? I will deffinately be writing congress on this matter. Let's honor the man in the appropiate way.

01-03-05, 02:53 PM
bobpage...there were lots of medals never issued in Vietnam and I'm sure the same was true of the war(s) you were in. Most Vietnam vets didn't want the medals unless it was awarded properly. To apply for a medal seemed somewhat unhonorable at the time. Years later some of the vets did request the medals that they earned. There are still many medals out there that have not been received. The MOH is whole different story and I will be the first to tell you...I don't have a clue on how you get one of those...if it like you say...getting killed while saving other Marines...then, there are a bunch of MOH citations yet to be awarded from 1965-1975. Semper Fi Good post gbudd

01-03-05, 03:17 PM
He is from California. We did the story on his death, and got to know his family very well here. They are supportive of the President and the war.

01-03-05, 04:01 PM
Bobpage excellent post Bro. I agree with all you've said. I really thought that I was the only Marine left that used the term zeros, as officer service numbers differed from ours because they always started with a zero. Who did you work for when you were a broadcast jounalist I am just curious as I am local here in the Bay Area too.

Semper Fi Bob

01-03-05, 06:35 PM
Jinelson, I just moved to SoCal with FOX. I was at CBS5 there.


01-03-05, 06:49 PM
It takes two to submits to get the works moving on a Medal of Honor.
One would think that someone in his unit has already submitted the paper work on getting this Marine a Medal of Honor.
It might be in the works as we speak, and it might take awhile before its done.
We could contact several Senators, Respresentives, the Governor and the White House with an inquiry of why this Marine is not worthy of the Medal of Honor.
It might give a boost to the morale of many now in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Maybe Pvt. Lynch taught them a lesson, and they want to wait, before proceeding.

Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

01-03-05, 07:11 PM
MillRat, there is NO 1650 in the system. But maybe you are right, they are handling this in a different vein. I am not confident of that. And as I have stated many times on this board, Lynch and crew cut and ran. I was at Nasiriya.