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12-19-04, 10:02 AM
Red is the Color of Christmas

December 16, 2004

by Thomas D. Segel

If those to the left of American politics truly want to become part of the country’s mainstream, a major shift in attitude must take place very soon. Everything I am hearing and reading is still filled with hate and anger…all directed at us poor dumb souls who live in “Jesusland”.

Just the other night I allowed myself to be subjected to the rant of another talking head on television. He made two very interesting observations. The first was that those who live in the “flyover” red states of America are course, crass, and really not very bright. His second observation was those in the blue states had more heart and have a greater caring nature. He said this could be proven by the simple fact that those who live in the blue states have more “safety net programs” and pay far more taxes than those bumpkins in the red states who are tight with their dollars.

It could be argued that his first observation, particularly about “red staters” not being very bright, is belied by his second declaration that more taxes are paid by those blue state dwellers. Could it be that in the red states, we are bright enough to reject higher taxes?

It is understood that many conservative minded people and those of deep faith live in the east and left coastal states of the country. But, if they are being taxed beyond acceptable levels and their Christian values are so sharply under attack, perhaps they should consider moving to a place where their thrift is honored and their faith is lauded.

About our living in “Jesusland”, perhaps this television pontificator is right. As I drive around this small Texas city I see huge signs in the parks that say “Merry Christmas”. Some say “Felis Navidad”. I have lost count of the churches in town and we still have an Invocation at all public meetings.

Our school choirs and bands held Christmas concerts where they sang and played music about the birth of Christ. The traditional “La Pasada” will be held in another of our city parks. Local television and radio are filled with real Christmas music and quotations from the Bible. Across the main street of town is a huge banner that advertises a “Festival of 800,000 Lights”, which is a display of Christ’s birth at a local church.

We don’t like stores that advertise “Happy Holidays”. We believe this is the Christmas season and we welcome all those who honor such belief.

There may be an attack on faith being conducted through the media and ACLU around the country, but none of their voices are being heard, nor are they welcome in this corner of the Lone Star State. If they should decide they want to spew such hate filled rhetoric in our direction, they should think first about a saying we use to warn all polluters…”Don’t Mess With Texas!”

Thomas D. Segel

Thomas D. Segel is a twice wounded, former combat correspondent who saw enemy action during the Korean War and two tours of duty in Vietnam. He retired from the Marine Corps as a Master Gunnery Sergeant after 26 years of service. His next assignment was as Director of Information and adjunct faculty member of the Marine Military Academy. He then completed a new career and recently retired from service with the State of Texas, where he was Director, Division of Information, Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Rio Grande State Center. He holds the Thomas Jefferson Award for Journalistic Excellence, The Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association Distinguished Performance Award and six Armed Forces Writers Association Distinguished Achievement Awards. Segel has authored four books, including "Men in Space" which received the honor of being placed on both the National High School and National Junior High School Library Lists. He currently writes for several on line publications, national magazines and newspapers. His writings are distributed nationally to more than 1,300 publications by the Paragon Foundation News Service. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas Pan American and earned his masters degree at Vanderbilt University. He is a past national president of the United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association. Segel resides with his wife, Pattie, in Harlingen, Texas.