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11-30-04, 09:31 PM
Hello Everyone at LeatherNeck,

My name is Zer0127 and I was just wanting to let you know that today i have recieved news about a marine from KY Investagator. He told me the following "His name is Mitch Moorhead, He was with the 1st Marines in the March to Bagdad. He was shot 3 times with a 45, twice in the neck and is paralised." Mitch is now in Indanapolis and and I think that he is out but im not sure. Thank everyone who has read this message. Just wanted to inform you on the news. If you wanna know more please private message KY Investigator if you want more info on Mitch Moorhead. I was hopeing that he was alright because I live 60 miles away from Indanapolis. Sorry i didn't mention this but I'm terrably sorry if this is in the wrong section.


KY Investigator
11-30-04, 11:11 PM
Hi, I'm KY Investigator and a friend of Mitch Moorhead and his family. I'm not a Marine but Mitch has been involved in a very bad situation and I know that his friends and buddies would want to know....

12-01-04, 06:26 AM
Shooter: It was self-defense <br />
By Tom Spalding and James A. Gillaspy <br />
Indianapolis Star, November 27, 2004 <br />
<br />
Carmel -- A Carmel resident who shot a man in his home told police Friday that he acted...