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11-27-04, 05:45 PM
'Lest We Forget'

Nov 28th,1950 on the highest Plateau of the Chosin Reservoir in the beleagured Village of Koto-ri, US Marines of (G-3-1),and Royal Marines of the 41st (Ind) Commando Royal Marines.Fought 36 Hours of fierce combat against a numerically superior and well armed force, proved that Hell was an eleven mile road from Koto-ri tp Hagaru-ri.
Dozens of road blocks covered by machine guns,mortars and small arms fire pinned the Marines down.Within this task force acts of uncommon bravery by the green bereted Marines of 41 Commando and G-3-1 were universal.Each road block was assaulted and overcome by the time tested principle of aggressive combat inculated in the Marines of both Corps.The task force suffered severe casualties and a third of the task force were killed or wounded.
The Chinese were tough,veteran fighters,the Marines were tougher.

Old enough to remember friends who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Aye JR

11-27-04, 05:52 PM
"Never Forgotten"


11-27-04, 07:55 PM
Two of my near neighbors are a part of the "Chosin Few". A Gunny and a Staff Sgt. The Gunny let it go while the Staff Sgt is still very active in many organizations that are a part of the history of these fighting Marines.

I grew up following the news events of Korea and the men who fought there. I think that had more to do with me joining the Marines then anything else.

They are both still tough as nails and doing well with what life and age brings them.

Yes, without trying they still earn your respect!

God Bless the "Chosin Frozen"!

11-27-04, 10:29 PM
I had the privilege to meet and speak with a Marine, who not only one of the "Chosin Few" , he was also on the Invasion of Iwo Jima firing in support of Easy Co 2nd Battalion 28th Marines.
3BadgeMarine, one small correction it's Golf 2/1...it was my old company in Vietnam.
That company has a long history in the Marine Corps
The association of Royal Marines of the 41st (Ind) Commando Royal Marines and the Marine Corps is one of history's big achievement...
Thank you for reminding us of that day in 1950...

Semper Fidelis/Semper Fi

11-27-04, 11:45 PM
I know one of the Chosin Few who was at this battle with G/3/1. Great guy too. Love hearing his stories about Chosin. He was a machine gunner. I'm trying to get his Marine picture so I can post it in my gallery. He also belongs to the Chosin Few organization. And we all know that you can't belong to organization unless you were there.

They will never be forgotten!