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10-08-02, 11:08 PM
I was wondering what most of you guys have to do as far as PT while in the pool program.

I don't know if my particular RSS is especially strict but I've been in 4 months and it is "highly suggested" (usually 10-15 people showing up each day out of 35ish) that the poolees at my station come in for MWF PT sessions that usually involve the basics (pullups, pushups, situps, flutterkicks) and from 2-4 miles run at about a 8 minute mile pace. Each session lasts from 1.5 - 2 hours with about 10 minutes total rest time in that block.

When we have our mandatory twice a month pool functions we usually end up doing about 4 miles at a much faster pace along with the usual PT and get chewed out DI style by our Senior recruiter. If we're REALLY lucky we get to play basketball or football instead.

I've talked to some other friends who are/were in the DEP and some people told me that they didn't really have to PT much and during the mandatory functions they spent thier time eating pizza and watching movies.

Thats just kinda shocking to me because I seriously can't imagine marine recruiters not being as strict on thier poolees. Basically I greatly appreciate the abundance of extra work because it got me into good shape REAL fast (thereby getting me into better condition for bootcamp), but I was just wondering if its true when our recruiters say that they go the extra mile in PTing us and other stations don't have it so hard.

10-09-02, 06:47 PM
The Noncommissioned Officer-in-Charge of the RSS sets the tone and establishes the standards for poolee training, contact and preparation. Each NCOIC is going to run their program differently. As an...

10-09-02, 09:41 PM
Im not an official poolee till this friday, but I started working out with the guys yesterday. From what I can tell, the recruiters run with us two to three times a week. A couple of the new poolee's and I ran, with a recruiter,about 2 miles yesterday and tonight. As far as I know pushups, situps, ect. are up to us to practice except when we have our periodical IST's. Havent been to one of the Monthly functions yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

10-10-02, 07:02 AM
"Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat for dinner."

I've been in the DEP for 3 months now. We meet the second saturday every month. We do formation runs starting off fast and then slowing down in the middle and finishing fast. We run between 2-4 miles and then after our run we go down and meet with a DI that just came from Parris Island, SSg Baker. He drills us for about 30 minutes doing different things. then after that we go outside and commence with our pull-ups/flewxed arm hang. Everyone has to do it 3 times. Then we do crunches. After everyone is finished we do a formation run with the poolee of the month leading call and the Instructors running in our formation. we meet at 9am and leave at 12 pm .. the time is never altered. Even if we finish early we'll drill til time to leave.

10-10-02, 12:44 PM
Well my recruiters usually put 2 stations together. They are under one MSgt so I don't know the official names of them. Sorry.

Well what the recruiters do here is meet at 4 or 5 pm every Thursday unless something comes up. They hardly ever do the same thing twice in a row. Two Thursdays ago they did a team IST competition. Two teams - did pull-ups, crunches, and then whoever came in last on the team run. And the team that lost got more PT. Well the winning team also just joined in because they are soon-to-be brothers so they all did it.

Some other times they'll play dodge-ball, speed-ball, put up cones with a certian exercise and have to stay there for 5 min doing that one exercise then go to another cone and etc. So it all varies. Sometimes they do a run 2-3 miles. One time they did a 4 mile run.

The recruiters will always do basic PT before any games though and afterwards. We practice drill, have knowledge competitions. Anything to keep the poolee moving and sweating and learning.

The GnySgt that is there is still kind of new (only a few months) but he told me he would like to make PT 3 times a week possibly after he "gets his house in order". Two new recruiters just joined a couple of months ago also, they got to get into a routine again because of all the recruiters that did get reassigned.

Sorry to make this so long. But I figured I'd give examples of what goes on here in Las Vegas.

11-08-02, 10:41 AM
My RSS is really bad...We do the IST every other week, with maybe some knowledge questions tossed in.

11-08-02, 12:32 PM

My RSS is pretty good we pt two to three times a week but nothing like what you do sickness. Actually we do pt allot some poolee and I meet at the RSS office and go to the gym together on our own. I got the daemons out for the first time last night (true poolees will know what I mean.) It was good but no scheduled knowledge competitions they usually ask us question on general orders and such during thrash session (we get lots of those.) but thank your recruiters man they are really getting you ready. If I ever get to recruit my pt sessions will be equal to yours or more if somehow possible.

11-08-02, 11:47 PM
Well my DEP training consisted of lots of runnning but not a lot of highlights on knowledge which u do need for the prac test. All i can really tell u at this time is keep running with ur recruiters and be prepared to be humping hills in the near future. Always keep up on ur knowledge and you will be more or less ready for when u go in.

Good Luck

11-11-02, 08:31 AM

Delicious White
11-20-02, 03:36 PM
We do three sets each of flutter kicks, situps, pullups, and pushups. Followed, sometimes, by a 1 1/2 mile run.

When It was warmer, we'd go outside and do lots of funky calisthenics. Like dog ****ers, hello dollies, etc.

11-20-02, 05:32 PM
hello dollies? WTF are those?
Those anything like mountain climbers?

Trick on pushups..... take a boot brush..... lay it on the deck. Put a piece of paper on it... Then take yer legs and feet, and suspend them above your body mass behind you (like on your rack or, bed). If you touch the paper start over from
ONE !!!!!! they're called 'declines' in the bodybuilding world.

Semper FI

Delicious White
11-21-02, 04:22 PM
Hello Dollies are special flutter kicks where you spread your legs out instead of moving them up and down.

11-21-02, 04:35 PM
we usually do our warm-ups, then an IST then some sort of event, could be anything from paintball to a 5 mile hump and a land nav course. Our recruiters (Kennewick RSS) try to make it fun but teach us something at the same time. like with the paint ball some days we'll practice the use of available cover others we'll practice raiding a building all depends on where some kids need help (yes they rate us), we usually have 2 "Poolee funtions" a month, and maybe 4-5 Pt's. Our PT's consist of running, pull ups, push ups, side straddle hops, negative pull ups ect... and one outta the 4-5 we go to the gym and lift free weights