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11-19-04, 06:41 AM
Kill ‘Em All, Let Allah Sort ‘Em Out

November 19, 2004

by Chris Davis


One U.S. Marine, a cameraman, and a terrorist. The marine, acting in complete self-defense, fired the round into a terrorist pretending to be dead. Seconds later, the terrorist was dead, and now part of the mosque’s décor.

What do you get when you add all of that up? A compulsion to run with the tape. The mainstream media had President Bush now. This will get him impeached. They knew this ‘Cowboy’ was sending troops over to Iraq to murder innocent civilians. The Dennis Kucinich theory was in full swing. Somehow, the liberal press would have you believe that this poor, unarmed, Iraqi civilian would still be alive had this trigger-happy Marine not gunned him down in cold blood.

Democrats have pulled out all the stops and the Civil Rights lawyers to defend this poor, “insurgents” soul. Michael Gross was already championing the plight of this suffering, innocent terrorist on Hannity & Colmes, November 16, 2004. So, the strategy begins for liberals and the Democratic Party. Dig up anything and everything they can on President Bush and press for impeachment and removal from office; a theory expressed by Rush Limbaugh months before the reelection of President Bush.

In order to have that happen, liberals and the mainstream press want everyone in America to think our soldiers are murderous thugs, thugs that were duped into going to Iraq at the whim of an unchecked, imbecilic, war-mongering president. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coasties are honorable men and women, serving with distinction in a war that protects the life of everyone in this United States, and they spread liberty throughout the world. In a Reuters news story, his fellow brother-in-arms defended that brave marine. “I would have shot the insurgent too. Two shots to the head,” said Nicholas Graham, 24, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “You can’t trust these people. He should not be investigated. He did nothing wrong.”

Exactly the point. If we are to believe this Iraqi man is an innocent civilian, then what was he doing faking his death? Why would a civilian caught up in the battle not cry out for help? Especially when help was right there? Because he wasn’t an innocent civilian, and he wasn’t an “insurgent.” He was a terrorist assassin out to kill Americans, period. He could’ve been booby-trapped. He could’ve had a hand grenade in his hand. There is a myriad of possibilities that could’ve led this marine to shoot him. Speculation at this point is a typical senseless agenda. This shouldn’t have even made the news. There should’ve been cheers for the marine for doing his job. Instead, we have Democratic operatives trying to insert doubt into the minds of the American people by insisting on an investigation.

Since the days of Watergate, liberals have been trying to remove conservatives by scandal. It seems to be the only method they know how to use. So, by suggesting that there needs to be an investigation behind this shooting, they’re implying that there is something wrong, something the American people need to know. Democrats want everyone to think that this marine performed a war crime. The kind of crime John Kerry committed while in Vietnam. They hope, in their warped machinations, that Americans will begin to think of Iraq as they did Vietnam, which happened to be the entire philosophy of the Kerry campaign. It’s the kind of rhetoric that Janine Garofolo trumpets, the kind of lies the press wants in your subconscious. It didn’t work then, and it’s not going to work now.

Could America have survived World War II and Korea with the meddling press corps we have today? In those days, we would’ve leveled everything; anyone that didn’t get out of the zone would’ve been part of the landscape. Now, with precision weapons and an overly sensitive press, we exercise caution at every little nook, cranny, and mosque. During WWII, that marine would’ve been walking through a blasted pile of rubble. That’s why this marine found himself face to face with an injured “insurgent.” That’s why there’s a story for the press to blow completely out of proportion, and that’s why we’re in Iraq, to liberate the oppressed from terror.

We’re spreading freedom throughout Iraq, which will help to stabilize an extremely volatile area of the world. These assassins operate on one kind of mentality: “Kill ‘em all, let Allah sort ‘em out.” Which is why a terrorist—one that was injured from earlier fighting—was playing dead. This leaves our fine men and women of the U.S. Armed forces only one choice, survival of the fittest.

This marine did his duty. He made a judgement call, protected himself, his unit, and the United States of America. America should be proud of this young marine, bursting at the seams with confidence. This marine’s actions reflect great courage upon himself, his unit, the Marine Corps, and the United States of America.

Semper Fi, marine.

Chris Davis