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11-18-04, 07:35 AM
Just found out that in less then a month I will be recieving order off the MSG program, to PCS home for 30-45 days, then off to 2/3 on MCB Hawaii. If there is anyone with 2/3 here , if y ou could contact me I have a couple of questions. If not help is provided thats fine, I'll find out before I get there.

11-18-04, 11:52 AM
Not a bad duty station. I served with bravo 1/3 and kilo 3/3.

11-18-04, 01:52 PM
Sned an email or a PM to my son - tigger - he didi4 years at K-Bay before PCSing to Pendleton.

PM me and I'll give you names and addresses of folks currently serving at K-Bay.