View Full Version : He's Isn't Just Another Man In Uniform- He's A United States Marine

10-08-02, 12:27 PM
Author Adam Kazmirski

He's standing there, his back straight, his shoulders back, his chest out and swelled with pride. His gold buttons shine like the sun and the stars are in his eyes. His shoes shine like black diamonds. The crease of his pants is a perfect line that leads your eye up, and past his gleaming sword of honor, and the golden tassle he has earned, to the bottom of his jacket. As you move your eyes upward you notice his belt, his fortege', and the medals on his chest, and you realize that he is among the world's finest soldiers. You see his crisp white hat and the emblem on it. As you drop you eyes back down, you notice his face, his totally expressionless face, a face that with no expression at all can show so much integrity and can say so much. You notice his locked jaw bone and the definition that it, his nose, and his brow create. Then you notice his eyes again, eyes that shine brighter than the world's most precious gems and brighter than the brightest stars in the midnight sky, eyes that say "I know who I am, I know what I stand for: Honesty, Integrity, and what is right. I know what I will do for my God, my Country, my Corps, my Unit, and myself. They are what I take pride in and gives me distinction. " The eyes that say ," Just ask me and I will say, I am proud to be a UNITED STATES MARINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!