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11-14-04, 09:42 AM
I have a question that Iíve tried to research (without any luck) So I am hoping I can get help here. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2002, I applied into federal law enforcement. However, their Dr's said I had high blood pressure. With that I had to go to a private physician and go through a bunch of other BS. Bottom line, is I have to take medication (light dosage for my BP) I am wanting to apply into PLC (I'm in my Jr. year of college) and I was wondering if this is an automatic DQ.

The kicker is, as I started researching MEPS disqualifiers, and saw something about this, I looked through my medical papers. I noticed that my BP was 160/90. My question is why they didnít say anything to me then.

I appreciate anyone's advice.

Sgt J:marine:

Arlene Horton
11-14-04, 03:58 PM
Stgj: Having over 30 years as a registered nurse I can help some. A BP of l60/90 isn't really called hypertension. The l60 is in the upper limits but the diastolic of 90 is considered high normal in some areas. They have changed the normals lately and now consider anything over l30/90 as high. The systolic (l30) ranges change depending on whether the patient is uptight, has been smoking (cigarettes) or has "white coat hypertension". That means the patient gets shook up when in a medical setting and is checked by a nurse or physician. If the nurse is pretty all bets are off!! If you are sitting and the meter is read correctly you can have several different ranges. Discuss your l60/90 with a medical professional. You should get the straight scoop. Take care and Semper Fi...

11-14-04, 04:05 PM
Thanks Arlene,

I meet with a Dr. next week. My only worry is that since I am taking meds, I am already dq'ed from going back in.


Arlene Horton
11-14-04, 04:14 PM
Glad to hear that you are seeing a Dr. Being on meds is a bummer. I hope you get good news...I care. Semper Fi

11-14-04, 04:23 PM
My hypertension didnt show up till after the Corps.....hit me when I was a deputy-jail guard-...then got divorced and lost my Harley....then got diabetes and depression........now....started ta hike a lot....blood pressure is normal now(still fat-300)..the depression is the hardest to deal with---starting new meds....gettin old sucks...but i still have hope.

11-14-04, 05:57 PM
Originally posted by Arlene Horton
..."white coat hypertension". That means the patient gets shook up when in a medical setting and is checked by a nurse or physician. If the nurse is pretty all bets are off!!

Gosh darn, would I be in trouble if that nurse was a redhead! LOL

I didn't get high blood pressure, until I left the police force, in 92'.

Didn't take anything for it, until last year.

One day I started to have chest pains, sort of chest strains, is how I explained it. My wife insisted I go to the hospital. They kept me for six hours, while they poked and probed everything. Nothing, except the high blood pressure and a high cholesterol.

The doctor couldn't find any signs or reason for the chest pains, then I remembered a couple of days before I had lifted and installed a heavy sliding glass door. I had forgotten that, and realized I had strained myself. Reason for the chest pains.

None the less the doctor said, because of my age, it would be a good precaution to begin to take some medication; He prescribed "Tenormin" 25mg, for the high blood pressure and for the cholesterol "Lovastatin" 40mg.

Now everything is normal, and its been that way ever since, cholesterol is low, and High Blood pressure is normal except when I sees a redhead....

and when those Deceiving Lily-Livered Liberals (http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15711&highlight=liberals) tried to take the White House...


Originally posted by Sgtj
I appreciate anyone's advice.

"Sgtj" its simple; stay away from liberals, and redheads, and your blood pressure will go down.

Semper Fi


11-14-04, 06:43 PM
oddly enough my concern is not how high my blood pressure is, my concern is whether or not I can get into OCS. I have seen some stuff saying the High BP if on meds is an automatic DQ. Just wondering if anyone around here knows either way.

But thanks for your concern. My wife (not a red head) is a chemist and she has me strictly regulated....;) in more ways then one!