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Today is a good day for the United States Marine Corps. What a great gift God has given us for our Birthday! Semper Fi!

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seriously, Snipowsky? i'm at work and have no access to the news. who reported it?

11-10-04, 10:10 PM
ABC did. This is no joke. He is dead!

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sweet. now, hopefully the guy who takes his place isn't ten times worse.

11-10-04, 10:13 PM
Arafat Is Dead -Palestinian Cabinet Minister

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (news - web sites) was officially declared dead on Thursday, cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said.

"Officially, he is dead," Erekat told Reuters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.


11-10-04, 10:23 PM
Well now the Devil, Hitler, and Napoleon have someone to talk to.

11-11-04, 01:20 AM
About time. What blows my mind is that so many news agencies seem to be making him out to be some kind of "good guy". The world has lost another terrorist/ thief/ murderer/ crook ..... I feel nothing but glee! Watch his wife take all the money and dissapear, how's that for supporting the cause!

11-11-04, 08:31 AM
Arafat takes the desert sand nap
By Neal Boortz

Arafat is dead ... finally. Now we're going to have to deal with the insipid spin on what a grand man Yasser Arafat was from the media for a few days. This will definitely not be a day to remember the Israelis who died, including innocent schoolchildren, who died in attacks engineered by this thug.

One of the first people to offer his condolences was none other than UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, who had this to say: "President Arafat was one of those few leaders who could be instantly recognized by people in any walk of life all around the world." Oh really? Hitler could be recognized around the world too. How big a deal is that? The media is hailing Arafat as a "peacemaker" and a proponent of a Palestinian state. The fact of the matter is that he wanted neither. Let's take a look at his life's "work," shall we?

In 2000 at Camp David, in a last ditch attempt at resolving the peace process, Arafat turned down the best deal he would have ever gotten from the Israelis. It included a Palestinian state with most of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as well as a right of return for the Palestinians. Like any other activist that draws their money and power from a cause, Arafat didn't want to solve the problem. So he turned Ehud Barak down, and the fighting has raged ever since.

Under Arafat's leadership, the PLO conducted airplane hijackings and financed suicide bombers that killed civilians. They were also behind the massacre of children in 1974, the deaths of Israeli athletes at the Olympics in 1972 and the killings of Christians in Lebanon. Even with all this, Arafat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Not bad for an image makeover.

The caption under Arafat's picture on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's website says "The icon of Palestinian national aspirations, who had won the Nobel Prize, has died in Paris." Icon? Let's get rid of the spin. Arafat was an icon for violence, for murder and for terrorism. Rather than working toward the goal of an independent Palestinian state, Arafat spent the last two decades doing everything he possibly could to prevent one. Arafat knew that as soon as a Palestinian state became a reality he would become irrelevant. In addition to being a terrorist murderer, Arafat was a thief. He stole millions, perhaps billions of dollars that were donated to Palestinian causes. While Palestinians were suffering Arafat's wife was flitting around Paris spending her $100,000 a month allowance, money stolen from Palestinians. Arafat's death came decades too late. It's about time.


Ed Palmer
11-11-04, 08:43 AM
well with him gone you can damn well belive that the shxt,s going to hit
the fan.
A new leader means a new idiot ,with new fanatical idea,s
That means another 10,000 virgins to be deflowered 75 at a time.

11-11-04, 09:51 AM
Egypt prepares to host Arafat funeral in land of his birth

Thu Nov 11, 6:51 AM ET Mideast - AFP

CAIRO (AFP) - Egypt was preparing to host a military funeral for the late Yasser Arafat (news - web sites) in what will be the veteran Palestinian leader's last return to his country of birth before being buried in his Ramallah compound.

As tributes to the champion of the Palestinian struggle poured in from the world over, states were announcing their delegations for the funeral.

The funeral arrangements for Arafat, whose life had come to symbolise the decades-old Palestinian struggle for a homeland, highlighted the region's divisions even after his death.

He had expressed a wish to be laid to rest in Jerusalem, which Palestinians want as the capital of their promised future state, but Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) categorically ruled out that possibility.

A full-fledged funeral attended by the world's leaders also appeared impossible in the Palestinian territories, where tough restrictions have been imposed by Israel during the four-year-old uprising.

After days of bitter behind-the-scenes wrangling before Arafat's death in a Paris hospital Thursday, all sides agreed to a compromise consisting of a funeral in Egypt and a burial inside the Ramallah compound where he spent the last three years of his life under virtual house arrest.

His body was expected to be flown in from France later Thursday, to be followed by a brief ceremony, the exact schedule of which remained to be announced by the Egyptian authorities.

Arafat, who was born in Egypt in 1929, will be granted military honours, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (news - web sites)'s office said in a statement.

Funeral prayers will be held at the Faisal mosque near Cairo international airport immediately after the last Friday prayers of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

Then the ceremony will follow the protocol used for the funerals of Egyptian presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1970 and Anwar Sadat in 1981. He is then expected to be flown by air force helicopter to the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Tight security was enforced in the airport area on Thursday and identity checks were being carried out in Heliopolis, a Cairo suburb which also houses Mubarak's offices and residence.

The United States, which backed Israeli moves to isolate Arafat since the start of the intifada in 2000, had yet to announce who it would dispatch to the Egyptian capital for the funeral.

France, whose popularity among the Palestinians was further boosted when it welcomed the ailing leader late last month and offered treatment at a military hospital near Paris, said it would send Foreign Minister Michel Barnier.

Spain is to be represented by Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, who spent years shuttling for the EU between the Israeli and Palestinians to promote the peace process and developed a close relationship with Arafat.

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, another trusted intermediary, said he would attend the ceremony, while the European Union (news - web sites) will be represented by the Dutch foreign minister, whose country holds the body's rotating presidency.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has also made it known he will attend, while China is to send deputy prime minister Hui Liangyu and Malaysia will be represented by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Few heads of state have so far announced they will make the journey to Cairo, with only Presidents Iajuddin Ahmed of Bangladesh and newly-elected Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia pencilled in on the guest list.

According to Egyptian sources, Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali will attend but more Arab leaders are also expected to make the journey.

One Palestinian delegation was expected to travel to Cairo for the ceremony, while another team was due to stay behind in Ramallah to attend the burial at the Muqataa compound.



11-12-04, 06:53 AM
Yasser Arafat's legacy
Cal Thomas
November 12, 2004

The legacy of Yasser Arafat, for those not brainwashed by his propaganda and that of his supporters, is one of murder, deceit and corruption.

As part of its obituary, The New York Times said, "Arafat led a long and failed effort for statehood" for the Palestinians. He did no such thing. Arafat led a long reign of terror, the purpose of which was to kill Jews and eliminate the state of Israel.

Arafat never cared about a Palestinian state contiguous to Israel. The only Palestinian state he cared about was one that encompassed all of Israel. He said that repeatedly to his own people while he said something else to the West. Every Palestinian map was printed without Israel. Arafat proved his intentions by the terrorism he encouraged, including homicide bombers, whose families he paid out of funds that should have gone to help his "people." One list of Israeli fatalities caused by terrorism inspired and directed by Arafat just since the 1993 Oslo accords runs 47 single-spaced pages.

In a statement on Arafat's death, the Vatican sounded as if it were speaking of Mother Teresa. The Vatican's chief spokesman referred to Arafat as "the illustrious deceased" and asked God to grant eternal rest to his soul. Where is church-state separation when you really need it? The only "resting" place Arafat will enjoy is a place in hell alongside his ideological and anti-Semitic idol, Adolph Hitler.

Much of the world has been deceived about "Palestinianism" because it knows little of the history of the region. There has never been an Arab "Palestinian people." The real Palestinians are the Jews. Those who have adopted the name are from Arab countries, chiefly Jordan.

It was the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who created this deceit in the 1920s as a rationale for murdering Jews. He made a pact with Hitler in the 1930s and encouraged the Nazi dictator to slaughter European Jews to keep them from escaping to Palestine. He ordered Arab families to leave Israel in 1948 so that Arab armies could invade and try to overturn the U.N. mandate that created Israel.

After subsequent wars and numerous terrorist incidents, Israel remains stronger than ever and the plight of the so-called "Palestinians" is worse than ever, thanks in part to Arafat's suspected embezzlement of unknown millions.

President Bush issued a carefully nuanced statement following the announcement of Arafat's death: "There will be an opening for peace when leadership of the Palestinian people steps forward and says, 'Help us build a democratic and free society.'"

That isn't likely to happen anytime soon because the poison did not die with Arafat. It is endemic to a region and a people that despise all things Jewish, Christian and Western. Various "leaders" throughout the Arab world have found the Jews, Christians and West useful diversions from the real problems of Arab people. They would be just as poor, illiterate and oppressed today, as they were before 1948, if Israel did not exist.

Other nations with a different worldview might have used such resources to build great societies. These Arab nations and people have squandered money and opportunities on ancient prejudices under the false notion that they are pleasing an angry and vengeful God who hates what they hate and wants them to wipe out his "enemies."

Yasser Arafat was not unique in the region. Others will follow him as they announce divine mandates to take up where he left off. There might be civil war among the various rivals for power - from Hamas to Islamic Jihad to other factions. If Hamas conquers Gaza after the Israelis withdraw, Egypt may rue the day it allowed tunnels to be dug on its territory for Hamas to smuggle weapons and terrorists into Israel. Those tunnels go both ways, and Hamas might use them to destabilize the government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Of all the Nobel Peace Prize winners, Yasser Arafat was the least worthy. The award was an example of the self-deception practiced by many in the West who continue to believe evil people can be made good if they are simply given what they want, no matter what it might cost others.

Arafat is gone, but he won't be forgotten, especially by the relatives of his murdered victims.


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Yup, just saw it on CNN. He is still dead! :banana:

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a long time to die!


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Yasser Arafat: Media Eulogies Enough To Gag A Maggot

November 12, 2004

by Dennis Campbell

To use a well-worn cliché, but one which clearly communicates its message, it is enough to gag a maggot.
“It” is the adulation being heaped on one of the world’s master terrorists, the recently, and thankfully, departed Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Arafat has been praised as a statesman, for his “undisputed” and “extraordinary” courage (does it take courage to send murderers to slaughter children?), and for his “successful acts of terror.”

The latter comment came from columnist Gwynne Dyer, who at least had the honesty to admit that Arafat was a terrorist.

If those comments are not enough to cause you to leave your lunch in the nearest wastebasket, consider what French President Jacques Chirac said in tribute to the man who raised the art of the mass butchery of the innocent in their homes and schools to new and sophisticated levels (keeping in mind that the French are among the most anti-Semitic people on earth).

Chirac called Arafat “a man of courage and conviction who for 40 years has incarnated the Palestinians' fight for recognition of their national rights. I have come to bow before president Yasser Arafat and pay him a final homage.”

Homage to a man who delighted in sending his surrogate monsters to kill moms and dads and their children in their homes? Who ordered the machine-gunning of school buses and the bombing of restaurants and nightclubs? A violent, vicious man with no conscience, no morals and no compunctions about the killing and maiming of anyone Jewish?

Despicable, even for the French.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair surely stifled the urge to vomit when he said that Arafat “lead his people to an historic acceptance of the need for a two-state solution.”

Of course, Blair was entirely wrong in his analysis. Arafat had no desire for a Palestinian state. His sole objective, which is the same for all Islamic terrorists and virtually all Muslims worldwide, was the complete destruction of the Jewish people.

And while he could not achieve that entirely, he was successful in doing it a few children and grandparents and mothers at a time.

One of the most obnoxious statements came from--are you surprised?--former President Jimmy Carter, who for decades has showered adulation on some of the worst dictators in the world. Carter described Arafat as

“the father of the modern Palestinian nationalist movement. A powerful human symbol and forceful advocate, Palestinians united behind him in their pursuit of a homeland.”

Yes, indeed, it takes a powerful man to blow up a baby.

The Left Coast newspaper the Los Angeles Times spun this lie about Arafat: “The only leader most Palestinians have ever known, Arafat came tantalizingly close to establishing the state he dedicated his life to winning, surviving myriad brushes with death along the way: wars, plane crashes and Israel's best efforts to put him in the grave.”

How many times must it be said? Arafat’s life was not dedicated to establishing a Palestinian state--he had that opportunity when President Bill Clinton brokered an agreement granting him everything he supposedly wanted. He rejected it, because his true aim--let’s all say it together--was the eradication of the Jewish People.

Surely it was nothing more than a political gesture when President Bush said “God bless his soul” when informed of Arafat’s death. As a Bible-believing Christian, Mr. Bush knows that this international criminal is in the hands of a wrathful God.

When we consider the present state of Yasser Arafat, we should hearken to the words of Jesus Christ, who said: “I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him.”

Arafat will answer to the living God for his deeds on earth, and will not find a sympathetic ear. Why should he receive praise from us now?

Dennis Campbell

Dennis Campbell is a freelance writer and a former editor and journalist. He lives in New Mexico..



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Arafat’s Undeserved Honor: The West’s Shame <br />
<br />
November 12, 2004 <br />
<br />
<br />
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br />
by Elan Journo <br />

11-13-04, 12:25 PM
I am so glad that freekin rag head finally died the damn news media couldnt get it right half the time. Now its time for sharon to take back all the land that arafat rat stole from them...

11-14-04, 02:01 AM
Yup yet Arafat has left the reins in the hand of the next in line.
One can only pray that the next Palestinian leader will have
learned from his mistakes. Learn while he/she is still alive.


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I dunno'? Sunday 0321 CST, is he still dead?

11-15-04, 02:52 PM
Bro, he is dead for sure.,now we wait to see who is next inline and see what type of person he is.
Semper Fi Vic

Originally posted by yellowwing
I dunno'? Sunday 0321 CST, is he still dead?