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06-26-02, 04:13 AM
I was at Red Beach before it became FLC and Camp Books. I was the securiity NCO and we had two CACs opcon to us. Every night before dusk, I would make a run through the skivvy ville chasing out all the "tourists" so they wouldn't start shhoting at the PF's passing through the ville on their way to set up an ambush.

I'd just make a lot of noise moving from one end of a hootch to the other, letting the "tourists" make it out through a window or the back door. I was offered "incentives" if I wouldn't ruin their business and earned the nickname "ssgt no boom boom".

In a small way, I was involved when we built the children's hospital at Hua Khan. I rotated, did a year on recruiting, was selected for ADCOP, a two year college completion program and attended a JC in Walnut, California.

We wore our uniforms every Wednesday, so everyone knew who we were. The year was 1969, in uniform, I was walking across campus, avoiding the quad due to a scheduled anti-Vietnam rally. The rally was finished, some girls approached me, one was in tears.

"You heartless brute, you baby killer, how could you do that to innocent women and children?"

"That's easy honey, if they're running, you just lead them by two clicks before you pop them."

The nicknames they called me as I turned and walked away
cannot be repeated here.

08-10-02, 08:44 AM
It was either SP or MP who chased me through the rice paddies outside of Dog Patch, sometime 1967.
Sure messed up their shined boots & probbably dirtied up their skivvies when the Marine patrol locked & loaded on them.
Whoever was in that patrol, thanks Marines.
The half-dressed Sgt.. Wonder how they knew it was me?
Parts of this story have been censored to protect our innocent & young.