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10-07-02, 06:40 PM
Im in the DEP and my recruiter at my request signed me up for the ROTC scholorship/officer training program, now i did fine on my SATs and my ASVAB was great, but my question is... when im interviewed is there anything i need to know, or should i be prepared for a specific barrage of questioning? I don't want to get railroaded and screw it up by answering wrong...if anyone has had experiance or has heard about this please let me know.

Poolee H:qmark:

10-09-02, 07:56 PM
The questions are usually pretty straight forward. It's easy if you answer honestly and from the heart. DO NOT state you want the scholarship because you need the money or that you want to be an officer so you can be in charge! Marine officers lead and set the proper example for others to replicate, they do it out of commitment to do the right thing, not get money for college or be the boss. There is no real standardized questions. It could help you to know current events, particularly those with military implications. History and general knowledge of the military is also good. Explain how the Corps will enhance you, not the other way around.