View Full Version : "B" Btry 1st LAAM Bn. - Monkey Mtn. - Da Nang - '65 / '66

10-31-04, 07:21 PM
Viet Nam Vets - Anyone stationed on Monkey Mtn. with "B" Btry 1st LAAMs Oct. 1965 to Aug. 1966, please contact Jerry Downen jerryd6818@yahoo.com

Am currently in contact with six from "B" Btry, two from "A" Btry and one from "C" Btry. All went over together and replaced "A" Btry in August '65.

06-12-05, 08:31 AM
Bump. The list has grown to over twenty and a reunion is being considered for 2006.

03-15-12, 02:44 AM
C Battery 66 - 67. Matt Wojciechowski MARINE77777@COMCAST.NET

03-15-12, 06:14 AM
Been a few years and in that time I've located 50-60 LAAM Marines from the '64-'66 era.

There was a reunion in Las Vegas in '06 with 12 attending.
Another reunion at Cherry Point in '07 saw 13 attendees
Again in '08 at Washington DC. I don't know how many went to that one because I was unable to attend.

The email address above was compromised several years ago and has changed to LAAM_Marine@yahoo.com

Semper Fi Marines