View Full Version : It's raining in California Again!

10-28-04, 06:35 AM
We needed the rain, and this time we have had rain, snow, and earthquakes all at the same time. Much like an "E" ticket ride at Disneyland.

Enjoying it, sitting on my front porch, early in the morning, burning some fire logs in an outdoor firestove.

Today, is a good day.

Semper Fi

10-28-04, 06:57 AM
We have had some nice days here, too, Cook. Pittsburgh in the fall is quite nice, as long as it is dry. We get a ton of rain here in the fall, but as of late, we have had mild 65ish degree days with mostly sun. Our Steelers are doing great, our Pirates are done and our Penguins are doing nothing. Life is good.