View Full Version : MD/DC/VA Murders

10-07-02, 09:10 AM
Ok Here I go.
There have been 6 murders, one wounding and just a little while ago a 13 year old boy was shot twice(possibly by the same suspect)...

What has happened to this country? One year ago we were more united then ever before.
Now, I am at my desk wondering how it is possible for a psycho to be walking around freely shooting people for a week.
There are no suspects. What happened to people being vigilant, watching their backs and their fellow AMERICANS?
Could someone enlighten me as to how we can live in this country and let this happen......

10-07-02, 10:30 AM
Lock-n-load and be ready to shoot back
Oh, we can't do that because they want to take our weapons away.

Instead of an Amber Alert we need a terror alert. Where as much information as possible is disseminated to the public as soon as possible. Its citizens getting involved that will make a difference in this case. We the governor of these states to call for citizen involvement as much as possible. To be alert and when that shot is fired not to dismiss it but to find out as much as possible and call it in.

Humm, maybe we need to have Marines (old fart battalion) patrolling our neighborhoods.

Itís a different world we live in since 9-11, and it doesn't look like itís going to get any better.



10-07-02, 05:58 PM
I see and hear by the reports that this "8th" shooting is related to all the rest by the bit of projectile the docs were able to remove from the young boys body.

I can't tell you just how much I and my attitude has changed since 9-11. And especially this past summer as all the assaults and child nabbing escalated.

I watch my girls like a hawk. I come home a different direction each night and question all whom I'm not familuar with in my neighborhood.

I don't care about "THEM"! I care about my Family. I will do what I have to to defend them and protect them.