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10-05-02, 12:33 PM
i leave this monday for boot camp, my parents and family are going crazy and not handeling it well.......can i have some advice?
thanks POOLEE Hancock

10-05-02, 01:38 PM
Originally posted by codyhancock
i leave this monday for boot camp, my parents and family are going crazy and not handeling it well.......can i have some advice?
thanks POOLEE Hancock


Concentrate on what you have commited to and when you get there (boot camp) DO Your Best.

When I went. I told my family. "I'm 17 and My Country is at War, I want to go help."

the old man signed and I was on my way..

Nuthin to it, but to "Do It"

Good Luck!

10-05-02, 01:39 PM
Then have a goin' away party and get them half drunk, and talk some more.

They're concerned for you, bud. They love you dearly. Part of growin' up. It's hard for a parent to let go. Try not to let it aggravate you. It might only make things worse! LOL.

It's hard to explain properly I guess. I still see my kids, in my minds eye, as being the cute little babies of years gone by. Even now that they're grown and one with kids of her own, I still see that child who sat in my lap before bedtime. Or the son who came crying with a boo-boo. These images are difficult to overlook at times, even knowing and acknowledging their own responsibility for their lives.

Keep this in mind as you discuss things with your family. They love you, however much it seems they're trying to keep you from growing up. It is a transition period, and is difficult for all concerned. Transitions in life are like that. Difficult and uncomfortable. It gets better, be assured.

10-05-02, 02:10 PM

Love is like that sometimes.

But when you consider the alternative .................

Make sure you invite them to your graduation.

10-05-02, 03:43 PM
Tomorrow as you leave, our president will be addressing the nation on the real possibility of our country going to war.

Your parents will be concerned about your welfare, at such a time like this.

You can assure them with the words that have made the Marine Corps great.

There you will be made not only into America's best, but you will learn how to protect and defend yourself better than in any other branch of the military service.

You can assure them that you will be well trained not to die for your country, but to protect it, to survive and make them proud.

You have been granted an rare opportunity in life that many can only dream about. Embrace it; cherish it, live it and you will make them proud. You have made us proud here already.

When in training, you may one day say to yourself, what the f*ck did I do this for?

Remember we're behind you, supporting you all the way. Do it, and when you get tired and think I can't go on anymore, remember we'll there with you. Telling you, okay now that you have reached your limit, now is the time to get serious about this and carry it on through to the end.

Semper Fi

Get some


10-05-02, 04:20 PM
We Stand Behind You.........

Semper Fi


10-05-02, 04:32 PM
Originally posted by thedrifter
We Stand Behind You.........

Semper Fi


Thanks 4 the Grin Roger:D :yes:

10-05-02, 06:11 PM
I'll tell ya what Son - and take this any way you want to.

I signed my name to become a Marine, and 3 months before boot camp, my Mother had a massive stroke, and was paralized. That happened right before my eyes. It took her ablility to speak, essentially walk and for the most part, commnicate.
I suffered through that, yet remained committed, and served to become the Marine I am today.
And still love my Mother God rest her soul.

Semper FI

10-06-02, 12:49 AM
Ill start by saying that i heard of this website by my school, there is a teacher whom is a Marine. He has subscribed to leatherneck magazine so i asked him about a website and he told me if i was to be a Marine, i should take a look at this site. i replyed with yes sir... that was three weeks ago tomorrow....in this period of time i have realized how close and and family like this site is...ive realized you are all honest and speak for yourselves and Marines.
I respect all of you and am Very Very Proud to see that you all take time out of your days to give advice to a young man...my outlook on the Marine Corps has only grown stronger scince ive joined this site and only fueled my hunger to be a United States Marine......................not to be mushy or soft....but from the bottom of my heart i thank you for the advice, knowledge, and encouragment to further my way...................respectfully
.................................................. ...POOLEE Hancock......................

10-06-02, 03:53 PM
Although you and your family knew this day would come, nothing really prepares you to say good bye to each other. Recruit training will be challenging and tough, but just as challenging and tough on your family and friends. Be sure to write them as often as you can, even if the letter is only a few short lines. THere is no doubt they will miss you and that you will miss them. Mail seems to make the time go by faster. Your folks may be shedding tears now, but the tears of joy they will have when you graduate will have made the separation worth it. Like I said, be sure to write home often. The last thing you want is someone calling MCRD looking to speak to you because they have not gotten a letter from you!

See you after graduation!