View Full Version : Kerry's Anti-Vietnam, Anti-Iraq War Message

09-21-04, 06:18 AM
In December when Democratic primary rival Howard Dean said the world was not safer with Saddam out of power.

Anybody who believes that, Kerry said, doesn't "have the judgment to be president."

Now Kerry's real stripes are coming out. Between now and the election that will be John Kerry’s central message.

The Anti-War candidate

Its John Kerry remade, with the make believe Kerry' Camp out of the way, The Kennedy and Clinton advisors at his side, Kerry has been gone through an extreme make-over and now the Anti-War Kerry we saw protesting, demonstrating against the Vietnam War has emerged.

What does this tell our troops overseas? That the American People do not support them. Because that is what it’s going to come to.

Support our troops in War with Bush or have them come home with their tails between their legs in shame with Kerry.

Every liberal, anti-war, anti-flag, anti-American left over hippie, plastic Hollywood, draft dodgers, including those that went to Canada, the peace nicks, the French, Russian, Spain and Germany under the table money changers will march in his support of Kerry, and the shadows of the Anti-War movement, will once again rear its ugly head.

There is where we are heading, and we cannot allow these lies to win this time, American cannot to be seen again as coming to the defense of the weak only to walk away without finishing the job again.

This is what I am seeing….

09-21-04, 12:33 PM

Given last night on David letterman