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09-21-04, 05:01 AM
Kids, Marines test their endurance

September 19, 2004

Albany- Two brother and sister teams race to be the first to launch three stuffed toys into a basketball hoop using only a foot-powered see-saw.

The game is just a sample of the challenges host J. D Roth has for his contestants on Discovery Kids' Endurance.

"I was realizing that a lot of teenagers were watching shows like survivor, and I thought I'm a young dad and I don't think I want my lids watching shows where people are back-stabbing each other. I thought what a great opportunity to create a show for them that can actually teach them something," Roth says.

Along with learning, the kids get a chance have a little fun, even if it means getting hit in the face with a cherry and creamed corn pie.

"It felt creamy. I have it all in my ears and everything. He got it all over my face," says Taylor Hanigriff who got hit with two pies.

Roth's show stopped in Albany during a nationwide tour giving fans a chance to see how the show is run, but anxious kids weren't the only ones ready to test their endurance.

"I figured I had to get the Marines on stage to see if they have endurance. We've got to challenge them as well," Roth laughs.

Hundreds of Pensacola Marines who were evacuated to Albany's Marine Corps Logistics Base joined in on the fun.

After the show, teens 12 to 15 years old auditioned for a spot to compete on an upcoming season of the show.

"I don't know they might pick me. I was thinking we were going to do something to see the talent," says 13-year old Terell Malone.

The teens will be called back if they passed the first round of auditions. You can see the new season of Endurance beginning Saturday morning on WALB-TV.