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09-18-04, 06:24 AM
COI appoints WWAV for Royal Marines response task

Jules Grant, Brand Republic 07:00 20-09-2004
LONDON - COI Communications has appointed WAVV Rapp Collins to provide the creative for the Royal Marines' first direct response recruitment campaign.

WAVV was selected following the appointment of Tri-Direct for media planning recently.

The campaign will encompass targeted direct mail, email and inserts through appropriate specialist magazine titles and will be aimed at young men aged 16-31. The activity will break in the autumn and will drive traffic to a Royal Marines recruitment line and microsite.

The aim is to generate higher quantity and quality of responses through direct response activity while also proving direct marketing can be an effective recruitment medium for this youth audience.

Gillian Stevens, head of marketing at the Royal Navy, said: "We wanted to develop the current hard-hitting creative of the above-the-line campaign and introduce more targeted ideas for the direct campaign. The nature of Royal Marines recruitment is highly select and our recruits must demonstrate courage, determination, teamwork and strength of mind."

Stevens said that WWAV's creative strategy was felt to be the strongest to help the Royal Navy meet its recruitment targets for the Royal Marines and to test direct marketing as an effective recruitment method.


Royal Marines: WWAV handling direct work



10-02-04, 06:29 PM
I beg your pardon, my old Brothers, what the Devil is a "WWAV for Royal Marines"?

Who was the last Bootneck Royal to serve? Prince Harry is in the news about reporting to Sandhurst. Prince Andrew did his bit admirably in the Naval Air Service.

Are there any Members of Parliament that were priviledged to serve in the Royal Marines?

One more Question, "The day after the 30 mile march, any who failed any of the tests may attempt to retake them", how many Commanders would submit a chap after already failing once?


Derek Blevins
10-03-04, 08:49 AM

I'll try to help!

WWAV has me baffled too, but only because it appears to be in 'civvyspeak' and not 'Bootneckspeak'. Our Corps is some 250 recruits short at the moment, and as it is causing concern due to overstretch, they are also offering a bonus to those who have left, to rejoin. This prompted a cartoon in our magazine The Globe and Laurel.


Prince Edward joined the Commando Training Centre as an officer recruit, but pulled out before completing the training.

Paddy Ashdown, one time leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, was a Royal Marines Officer and served in the SBS.

The 30 miler, and Commando tests, are the final part of recruit training, so 'Commanders' don't get to submit guys for retakes.

I hope this is of some help.