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09-12-04, 05:37 AM

Wonder why many aren't listening to what this Marine General is saying?
The military should not have the burden of "nation building."

The role of Defense Department leadership
JIM LEHRER: What is your reading of job Defense Secretary Rumsfeld has done?

GEN. ANTHONY ZINNI (RET.): Well, I'm disappointed in the planning for this operation. I'm disappointed in what was advertised as transformation of the military. I have yet to see it; I don't understand it. I see a military that's very strained, that could reach the breaking point.

JIM LEHRER: The breaking point?

GEN. ANTHONY ZINNI (RET.): Well, certain elements like the guard and reserve worry me. We have gone to that well many times. I'm not sure how many more times we can go to it. Now, I do understand that 9/11 and some of the other requirements that came about were not anticipated, but I do feel that management of our armed forces, the structure of our armed forces, whatever we're going to transform them to, has not become clear and maybe is not realistic in looking at the situations we face in the world.

And we're paying the price for that strained guard and reserve.

Marines speak your respective minds.
~ General Anthony Zinni USMC (ret.) ~