View Full Version : Navy probes Kerry's Medals

09-03-04, 08:15 PM
Fox News
Friday sept 3 2004

NEW YORK- In what has been described by Navy officials as a routine process, the Pentagon's inspector generals office on thursday referred to the secretary of the Navy a request to investigate medals won be the democratic presidental candidate John kerry during the Vietnam war.

Government watchdog group judicial watch submitted the request for an investigation, Navy sources said the service will probe the medals, but added that most questions have arisen because of what appear to be errors in the processing records.

Navy procedures show that the silver star cannot carry a combat V designation because part of the reason the medal is awarded is for valor under fire-the added designation would be redundant. The findings of the probe, therefore will not change the record of Kerrys vietnam service.

In a letter to Judicial watch the inspector generals office said, Concerning our allegations of violations of the UCMJ we have the responsibility to report suspected or alleged violations, We have informed the the secretary of the Navy of the allegations.

Michael Meehan released a statement, The facts are clear, The navy awarded john kerry the silver star a bronze star with a combat V and three purple hearts, I find it shocking that we are wasting our time and tax payers money especially during wartime to investigate a 35 year old Navy Clerical error.

The navy has said that its the responsibility of all personnel to correct errors in offical records....