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09-01-04, 09:52 PM
Just wanted to say I wish everyone nothing but the best. I have come to the conclusion that I don't fit in with this forum. Yes, I am a Marine and proud of my service. But I'm against the war in Iraq and this forum is all about supporting the war whole heartedly. You come here to be encouraged and here I am messing with that. I went back over my exchanges with radio relay today and that's when it hit me. He's saying what probably most of you think of me. All I am doing here is stirring up bad feelings, and I apologize for that. You won't have to worry about that anymore. So take care everyone and God bless.

09-01-04, 10:07 PM
We have a Right to Our Opinions.

Right or Wrong...

There is No True Answers, without talking it out.....

Glad to Be A American....

God Bless


09-01-04, 10:22 PM
It's just that you've forgotten we serve a God of War, that hates injustice and while he gave us love through His son, he demands accountability.

From the right or from the left, you've read the book; you know he doesn't like fence straddling.

And many that are the most vocal here and those that were dishonored by Kerry anti-war movement. Marines and warriors that love our country, its institutions, form of government and try to obey its laws and teach our children to obey them.

Most of us that served in Vietnam went on to live productive lives and we are not the crazed drug addicts that Kerry used to support his anti-war movement that branded us in that manner, because of the likes of Kerry.

We look for honesty and truth in the midst of a political atmosphere that is the ugliest since the sixties and this time we are not going to be silent.

That is why we respond the way we do. Never again.

Our troops deserve our support and during the 60's the left did the very same thing they are trying to do today.

Divide the country and when our troops come home they will be spit on and called baby killers, but as veterans who came home to a place that send us to war and we fought with honor and found silent the majority of Americans, thsi time we will not allow it to happen.

We must remember that the primary job of a Commander-In-Chief is to support our troops.

John kerry has proven to us that he does not.



James C Simpson
09-02-04, 08:38 AM
lSemper FI ya all. Last time I heard Mars was the god of war.my GOD is of Salvation(Psalm68:20) . an talk about dishonor which politican hasnt dishonored the CORPS or AMERICA oneway or another. they all talk out both sides of their mouths.they are all in the game for self gain.Kerry is being slamed for what he said about papaBush an ollie north whom were guilty of dishonoring America an when it comes down to it no matter what the apology they Will face JESUS THE CHRIST FOR ALL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING they have caused.Thats not to say they cant b4given or that we are any better than them but they have been blest w/theposition of governing a Nation which was founded upon The Beliefs of GOD,JESUS THE CHRIST,HOLY SPIRIT.They Along w/Religious Leaders will B judged the hardest.Perhaps if we would listen to Gods Will instead of mans WE as a Nation will have True Honor an THAT WILL B/to Give GOD the HONOR an GLORY an not to man.Yes eddie you do b/long here. belive me we are not here by chance we all serve a purpose even if its just to keep others on their toes. YOUR BROTHER IN CHRIST an THE CORPS, simpson

09-02-04, 08:53 AM
We all have our Gods, beliefs, reasons for living, and opinions. I feel this is a neutral ground occupied by Marine adults that can understand this without quarrel. We all belong here, or this wouldnt be what it is today. We are not here to argue or intentionall pi$$ each other off. We are brothers and we take care of each other regardless of race, religion, etc... in th e toughest times or at the end of the day, we gather together as one and set aside our differences because thats who se are.

Eddie - stick around bro.

Semper Fidelis,

Mike W

09-02-04, 09:16 AM
Stick around. I enjoy your input. I may not totally agree with everything you say or how you say it but I always learn something from you. You are as vital to this website as a person who has a totally opposite point of view.
Not everybody likes my cartoons either. LOL Maybe we can share a beer or two one of these days. Stick around.

09-02-04, 09:41 AM
I was depending on Eddie to provide conversation and debate long after this election is over. We have to find something to talk about when President Bush is re-elected in November.

09-02-04, 09:54 AM
I know this is not a MARINE thing to do but RUN, RUN Fast, RUN Very Fast. Superior firepower will not help you win this battle, if you must stay think deep foxhole grenade sump optional.

Semper Fi
Hang Tight

09-02-04, 10:14 AM
No. Please do not leave the group. I found your colloquy yesterday to be entertaining, educational and constructive. What we are fighting for in Iraq (and what thousands were killed for under Saddam) is the right to freely express opinions without the secret police grabbing you in the middle of the night. What I saw yesterday just proves to me that point.

While your views may not by any means be those of the majority on this website, they are no less valuable than anyone elses. This would be a boring sight indeed if everyone was of the same mind. Please continue to contribute to the dialogue.

radio relay
09-02-04, 10:15 AM
You should NOT leave.

Disagreement is just fine. Put a little original thought into you postings, and some well found reasoning. Instead of just the hatefull retoric of the left, and your posts will be "discussed" instead of hammered.

09-02-04, 11:17 AM
EddieF: Don't bail...not a Marine trait as you know...hell I don't agree with lots of comments in here either but I love all these guys as Marines and as some of the best folk I have ever come to spend time with.

We're just a big messy family, most of us a cursed with stong opinions and no hesitantancy to get into a food fight at dinner. Stick around and stick to your points. If you leave and chat only with folk who agree you have no chance to make points of difference. You'd be preaching only to the choir and that's no fun!

09-02-04, 11:56 AM
Differences of opinion is what makes this country great.
My opinion is that 9/11 was basically no different than the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Our country was attacked and we are fighting back. The question that bothers me is; why would a small band of terrorists attack a few targets in the US? What could they possibly hope to accomplish? But this is terrorist warfare and they obviously think a whole lot different than we do. But just as we were attacked in 1941 starting WWII, we will prevail as we did in WWII.

09-02-04, 12:01 PM

I, too, have views, philosophies and political orientation that run counter to most of the expressed views on this forum. Don't feel like you are the "Lone Ranger."

However, if those of us with divergent views leave the forum, then there is no discourse - just a bunch of guys agreeing with one another. Although I do not agree with a lot of the opinions posted here, I will defend to my death each and every Marine brother's right to express his opinion.

I am truly on of "The Few..."

09-02-04, 12:20 PM

We disagree on about everything but I agree wholeheardedly with your second paragraph.

I, too, hate to see eddief leave the forum just because he has different views. Hopefully, he will return.


09-02-04, 12:51 PM

I agree with the Maj....stay, although some here disgree with you it's always good to hear the other side of the conversation.......
and the way you say it is so flowery, you may just "Edumacate" some of us dullards.

09-02-04, 01:41 PM
"...or intentionally pi$$ each other off.", I don't know about that. I've taken a few cheaps shots here and there! (But it was out of fun and not disrespect) :banana:

09-02-04, 01:55 PM
eddief.....This website's All Marine All the Time (non-Marine supporters included of course), so you belong here....differences of opinion be dammed (<----self censorship. I know how to spell it right, I promise)!!!

Kurt Stover
09-02-04, 02:28 PM
Well what the he11 did I miss? If one feels the need to secret away, then so be it, fair seas and clear skys, I bid ye' farwell.

Funny, got into a firefight on another BB and the same left sqabbish was drawn out. I asked if this was opinion or fact and, instead of an either or, I got slammed dunked as a right wing lemming.

The topic, Bush joined the TXNG to dodge the draft, I asked how they could substantiate this as fact or opinion..I got neither. Sigh.....

09-02-04, 02:56 PM
Eddie stay with us. Agree or Disagree that is the American way. If everybody had the same opinion we would be one boring group.

09-02-04, 03:34 PM
eddief, never in my life have i seen a Marine Give up and I hope and pray you will not be the first. Yes we all have different ideas on alot of subjects in here and views but at the end of the day we are still a band of Brothers, and no One and i mean no one can take that away from us. You worked your ass off for the title to be the best, and thats what you are a Marine in the USA no better than that. Stick with us brother you will see i am right in the end....

09-05-04, 04:15 PM
Heck eddie! comeon mandon't bail NOW! You know i think you are crazy as heck, but so what? where Icome from NO ONE agrees with my thoughts and views.

You are what I like to call the LOYAL OPPOSITION.

you exspress your concerns out of genuine feeling and concern. there is no wrong in that. I have never meant anything personal about any of my disagreements with you, I just can't see eye to eye with ya.

Stick around, please.

09-05-04, 07:02 PM
I am for the American forces......couldn't say enough good things about them. I believe Iraq was a mistake. I believe the the President was purposely misled by certain individuals with a...