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10-03-02, 12:30 AM
Honour, Integrity, Respect. They
are ideals. Perfection. Freedom. Peace. Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding. Acceptance. Charity. Spirituality. Leadership. Commitment. For some people, there will be no correct response to their question, “What is your definition of honour?” Honour involves all of these ideals and more. There is one other, misused in our myths and stories. It is called chivalry. It is my opinion that Marines embody all of these. We’re necessarily a rough lot, but when you touch the core of any Marine, you will find the essence of all of these things…these impossible ideals. They will fight often at the drop of a hat for that which they believe to be right and proper and correct. This is honour, however occasionally misplaced or misdirected. They will offer you their lives, that you might say and do what you wish in a free society, and they will also hold you accountable for those same words and deeds. This is Honour. They have earned much and asked little in return. This is honour. They will offer respect to those who are aged. This is honour. They will offer respect towards the offices of power, while yet ensuring that the holders of such offices are held accountable for their actions. This is honour. They will, and have, suffered much that others might enjoy freedom. This is honour. They are concerned for the well-being of others above their own comforts. This is honour. Marines have fought against impossible odds, and endured every type of discomfort known to mankind…in order that others might be unafraid in their homes. This is honour. You may not see it in the faces of many Marines, for they are often not a noble looking bunch, but they are the Knights of Our Contemporary Age. Yes, we have our fools and delinquents, but they are held accountable. This, too, is honour. We accept reality, knowing it for friend or foe, and we move on…with honour, integrity and commitment to our goal. Serving our President, and the men, women, and children of the United States of America, and the world. This is honour. If you are not a Marine, you cannot comprehend this, It is beyond you. We know and accept this innocent ignorance however at times we decry it. This is honour. We will protect the innocent, and we will educate the ignorant. This is honour. We will never leave our brothers and sisters behind, no matter the circumstances, in peace or in war. This is honour. Our fallen brothers will always be remembered. This is honour. Our words and deeds have become legendary, so much so, that they are almost mythical in their impact upon the consciousness of our contemporaries. This is honour. Marines will be remembered with Pharaoh’s Armies, the deeds of Alexander, the warriors of the Khans, and the Legions of Rome. This is honour. We are feared, respected and loved. This is honour. No words or deeds of any man can take this away from us. This is our honour, and it will never be denied us....


12-31-02, 06:28 PM
I enjoyed this......

So Let's Start the New Year Right.............