View Full Version : TRICARE Fundamentals Online Course is a Valuable Alternative Resource

08-25-04, 11:34 AM
Beginning August 3, 2004, anyone with a "dot mil" e-mail address will have free access to the TRICARE University's Fundamentals curriculum. Individuals who are unable to participate in the classroom version due to the limited human, financial or other resource of their organization will find the redesigned online course a convenient alternative. Once registered, students will have 90 days to complete the online course. A certificate will be awarded for completion of the TRICARE Web-based course, which is equivalent to the classroom course of the same name.

Some topics covered include TRICARE eligibility, enrollment, benefits, operational elements and customer service. TRICARE University's Staff Development and Training Branch Chief, Linda Foote said, "It was necessary to develop a cost-effective training curriculum in two formats to ensure anyone who requires training has access to the information." This course will accommodate the same audience as the classroom version; the primary participants will be beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinators, health benefits advisors, debt collection assistance officers, and contract representatives who are on their initial TRICARE assignment. TRICARE University is anticipating that people outside this audience will want to take the online course. In these circumstances approval will be made by the Staff Development and Training Branch Chief at tricareu@tricare.osd.mil. The only prerequisite is a familiarity with the Internet and Web technologies. Much like the classroom version, the online course will be supported by a real-time person who is standing by to answer any questions through e-mail response.

For up-to-date information about courses and resources, please visit the TRICARE University's Web site at http://www.tricareu.tricare.osd.mil