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10-02-02, 05:59 PM
hello all,

My name is Cody, i am just about to leave for basic in San Diego
, I havent seen any threads about HONOR...Not saying that they arent out there. I have always wanted to be in the marine corps and i am finally getting the chance, i am 18 and i just graduated from a small school from a town of about 2,500 people.

Everyone has asked me why the marines, everyone has tried to get me to go into the army and the airforce etc. etc.

dont get me wrong i have much respect for all branches of the military but all of them arent for me, only the marines!.

when i first spoke to a recruiter the first thing he asked me is if i wanted to be a marine......i respected this VERY much......the recruiters from other branches try to win me over with money and schooling and sign-on bonuses.....this one didnt.....
.....His name is SSGt. O'havre.....from Jonesboro, Arkansas

i have contacted him every week scince and show him and other marines the utmost respect.

I will be GREATLY HONORED when i can call myself a marine...and cant wait untill that day....untill that day i pride myself on telling other people about the marines and there acomplishments

for everyone else; if you dont know wether or not you want to be a marine then dont do it because i feel that your a marine or your not, i was born to be a marine and nothing else....

10-02-02, 06:05 PM
Look at the forum "Sgt Pap's Place" under Honor.

Also almost any thread wher Marines are speaking about their service in the Corps. The Honor, Committment, and Courage shine through. OPen yer eyes, bud. On this site you are absolutley surraounded by it. Look at the way these Marines dicuss topics of the day. HONOR in every word. Take a look at Morning Coffee as well. Look at Sparrowhawk's Viet Nam Diary. HONOR. Looka t the Gunnuy'g's posts. Honor reflected there as well. Look at Drifter's posts under the forums on WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and Beiruit. Honor. Open your eyes son. It surrounds you when you are among Marines.

10-02-02, 06:11 PM
when i said there was no threads about honor, i do not mean to insult anyone. I understand there is an unspoken honor to everone that writes on this site. and i love it. i just havent seen a thread with the subject of HONOR... And i thank you for the sites , again i mean no disrespect to any of the readers

10-02-02, 06:19 PM
Honor I believe we on this website express Great Honor here...
There is a post in the Sgt Paps on Honor, well written by a good Marine on this website.....
Open your eyes.....Search....Read....Learn....What our Beloved Corps has done for us....
We have Marines here from all era's that can teach and guide you in the right direction....
All you need to do is ask questions......

Also......Need to let you know that Marines should always be capitalized.......
You are not a Marine yet.....so you need to take off your Rank....


Created by Fontman.......


10-02-02, 06:24 PM
Got a couple hints for ya. I wasn't tryin to jump ya. Just givin' you a clue is all.

Second. Ya might change yer profile and take out the Private designation. You ain't a Private in the Marine Corps til you get outta boot. Plus, If ya ain't been to MCRD or Camp Pendleton, it don't belong in yer profile! ;) If ya don't correct this info, someone WILL jump ya! LOL.

Third I was referring to threads on this site. leatherneck.com

Good thing is, ya put yer thread in the right forum! LMAO!

10-02-02, 08:07 PM
Not much more that I can add to wrbones and Drifters messages.

I do not believe you meant any disrespect. Just remember to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. And as thedrifter said, always,, always capitalize Marine.

You'll do just fine.

10-02-02, 09:01 PM

Above is a URL to a page of information for everyone especially those in boot camp or poolee's such as yourself.

HONOR starts with your "Core Values".

The Marine Corps only builds on those "Core Values" or enhances what you bring into the Marine Corps

Cody, its Boot Camp not basic, the use of the word "Basic" might get you in hot water.
With your Drill Instructors!

Honor, Courage and Commitment, are more than just words.
Men and Women of Honor live those words.
Not only when they're active, but way past the days that they stood in the ranks of the Marine Corps

Some will fail, living those words, but they're just a very small percentage of those now active.

Honor can't be measured, either you have it or you don't.
Honor translate as RESPECT.
Respect towards those above you and those below you.
Family, friends, the public at large.
Marines are required to carry themselves with a military bearing and respectful of those they came into contact with.

Their some senior enlisted Marines here, beside some Officers of Marines.
We conduct ourselves in a manner that respectful of those ranks.
They have a wealth of information of the Marine Corps
We capitalize Marine, Marines and Marine Corps
Because we earned the right to wear that title.
We will die as a Marine, and we wouldn't have any other way.

I'll be looking to the day that you join us in the ranks of the "Brotherhood" known as the United States Marine Corps

Semper Fidelis
SSgt Richard Jacques 1687399
USMC 1957-68