View Full Version : Question: Yellow Footprints?

10-02-02, 12:04 PM
Curious as to just when those Yellow footprints appeared at PI--I, personally, do not recall them being there in 1952. That doesn't mean they weren't there at that time, just that I don't remember them being there.

Gotta remember, there was no Internet back then constantly referring back to PI and the foot'prints! So I had no means by which to think that I did remember them.


10-02-02, 03:07 PM
Semper Fi,

10-02-02, 03:14 PM
maybe it iz a cally4nya, thing they was there in 65 at MCRD. San Diego

mabye U PI Marines stood on yellow sand fleas ;)

10-02-02, 05:18 PM
Yup, I stood on 'em at SD in '77.
Mighty well worn too, I might add........

Semper FI


10-02-02, 05:28 PM
... stand on a sand flea, yellow or any other color :D

Sure dug a bunch of them up though !!! Was lucky enough NOT to have to bury any. :banana:

Well worn yellows at PI in '76, remember them well. Wonder who stood in the same ones I did... before and after.

Sempers to all that did.... and made the grade.