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08-16-04, 06:58 PM
As the war drags on and the Bush administration figures ways to keep it going for perhaps 5-10 more years, many of our fellow Marines will be deployed for sustained periods of time. Undoubtedly their significant others will wander and eventually establish romantic relationships with others - leaving our boys in a lurch. Although fiction, Doc Randall's Revenge explores the decades long consequences of such "dear john" events. Please take a minute to look at this novel at the book reviews section and consider purchasing from amazon.com or bn.com

Phantom Blooper
08-16-04, 08:57 PM
“Doc Randall’s Revenge”
Russell E. Savage Jr.
Protea Publishing, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Copyright 2002
257 Pages
U.S. $ 19.98 Soft cover/U.S. $ 33.98 Hardcover

This book is very powerful and gripping. I believe Russell E. Savage Jr. outdid himself when he penned this book. Throughout the whole book he keeps your attention and thoughts to the very last page. Using his military experience during his tour in Vietnam at Khe Sahn he made the complete storyline read very well. I especially liked the way he started the books opening chapter in September 1997 and he closed with the climatic ending in December 1997,with a thirty-year span of Marine Corps flashbacks and on edge chapters in between. This author shows the power of a “Dear John” letter and how it affects the human mind. The plight of a young Marine coming home from a war torn land after being rejected by his cunning first love for another man. He made a commendable career for himself, and after years of cumulative lustful relationships he was able to plan and seek his due revenge. Scattered generously throughout this whole book you will find examples of Marine Corps acronyms and jargon interspersed with terms familiar to military life. I would be remiss in not saying that this novel should be read by mature readers only.
Dr. Russell E. Savage Jr. is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of occupational carcinogenesis. I feel he uses his experience in research and the medical field for his title role of William Ranger Randall, PhD. Wills’ first love Carol Lynn Frederick Curtis is portrayed as a borderline harlot with an insatiable sexual appetite with any man who happens to cross her path. A young Will came from a middle class, working, military family background with his alcoholic father being prone to mental and physical abuse of Will and his Mother. This caused Will to live mostly an introverted existence in life. Causing all his romantic relationships and love interests to be destined for failure. After high school Will went to college at Miami University in Ohio to study pre-med. He stayed in school a little over a year and on a “spur of the moment” he enlisted in the Marines scheduled to leave for boot camp two weeks after signing on the dotted line. Carol Lynn was upset because Will did not discuss his plans of enlistment or leaving school with her. She was grudgingly supportive of Will and his contract to Uncle Sam. Carol Lynn’s nymphomaniac urges won out over her love for Will and she emotionally destroyed his life by sending him a “Dear John” letter, in March of 1969. To add insult to injury she stated that she was going to marry an older man, a Dr. Christopher Curtis a plastic surgeon in residency in April 1969. This to Will was the ultimate act of betrayal. Carol Lynn also came from a modest middle class family background so Will was inclined to believe that she was marrying for money and not love.
After an early out from the Marine Corps on a school cut Will went back to college to resume his education and to pursue a degree in the medical profession. It did not take Carol Lynn long after her hasty courtship, romance, and marriage to contact Will to start an adulterous relationship with him. Chris’s pre-marriage portrayal of himself was less than honest, when it was found out that after completion of his residency program that he would have to pay the piper and serve an active hitch in the Navy to pay for his medical education. He also was not willing to fulfill Carol Lynn’s nymphomaniac desires.
Out of town rendezvous in secluded places to satisfy their gluttonous sexual appetites. Secret telephone calls of love, desire, distrust and suspicion haunted the lines of Ma Bell. Liken to a fish wife Carol Lynn kept Will nibbling at the bait, begging Will for reconciliation. Ten years of lies and deceit and three children, none that Will fathered. Will decided that the triangle of love and betrayal was to be broke. With a well chosen list of expletitives Will told Carol Lynn what has been eating at his inner psyche for years. After short lived soured relationships, one nightstands, personal losses and merit able career advancements Will decided to start fresh with his life and move on and settle down. In May 1987 he married Sarah Livingston Stewart, started a family and continued to hack out his existence in life from year to year. Then in September of 1997 the skeletons in the closet began to rattle and a new web of love with an old twist is weaved. Adding more victims to the war of love.
This torrid novel will keep you glued to your chair, or should I say your hands glued to the cover of this book so you are unable to put it down. I believe that this book is a great novel that will keep you on edge and wondering what will come next.

Chuck Hall

08-17-04, 06:43 AM
Chuck - thanks for your continual support of my novel. Do you know anybody in LA who might want to write the screenplay for this decades long epic?