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08-16-04, 01:39 AM
Refering to my personal website:


Anyone with a brain also knows Bush is a retard.

Guess what. I'm not interested in beheadings. And I'm amazed that Saddam is connected to EVERY muslim terror group (I don't beleive that). If you didn't know, during the 1970's, Saddam was a CIA asset we couldn't afford to lose. I'm glad Saddam is out of power actually. It's quite amazing as to how peaceful Iraq is. Only about 10 people are killed by bombs a day. Beheadings, as you already know, are very popular. Only the entire Middle East hates us for invading the 2nd holiest country to Muslims. Before you jump to conclusions, I suggest you look at the reason for Muslims killing us. Is it the fact that we invade their countriese for our profits? Is it because Bush doesn't care about their religion? Is it because young boys are sodomized by U.S. troops?

Is it because this is not a war on terror, but instead a crusade, led by the PNAC, aimed at transforming every country into a christian democratic society purly by force? If you are weak-minded enough to by suckered in by Karl Rove's speechwriting, and Dubya's retardedness, then feel free to support the GOP. Good luck supporting the evil crusade!

This crusade will only last for the rest of eternity or until we run out of oil, then it will be like the first crusades! WOW! The crusade will only kill millions of people, and make the rich richer.

If you don't beleive me, check out the mission statement for the Project for New American Century and put two and two together. If you're smart you'll get four. If you're dumb you wont know what the analogy was.

08-16-04, 07:57 AM
What truly amazes me is just how stupid the liberal-elite-baby-boomers can be despite their academic "credentials."
I've been trying to come up with a reason as to the severe hatred the boomer elites have for George W. Bush. I think it is a combination of W's faith in God and his strong sense of responsibility.
In other words, he represents one of the few from his generation who went through his wild and restless days of partying and then decided to actually grow up.