View Full Version : Will it run (part 2)

benny rutledge
08-12-04, 09:45 AM
While researching Willow Run for the "Thunder over Michigan"airshow I came up with so much Willow Run trivia I had to post "Willow Run (Will it run)"seperately.The plant was built to Manufacture the B-24 "Liberator"bomber as the Consolidated plant in San Diego couldn't put them out fast enough.The plant stands on the site of a Soybean field.Oddly enough I couldn't find a trace of the original Willow Creek despite Henry Ford's insistance it be preserved."Flying"magazine in 1942 published the "Will it Run" article after one manufacturing snag after another plagued the Fords.Ford learned that switching from Model "A"'s to Bombers wasn't as easy as he thought, the plant finally did hit it's stride late in 1944 and indeed put out one B-24 every hour.Raw material in one end,a Bomber out the other.In it's time a Manufacturing marvel.Research for this Post was obtained from "Ford,a man and his Machine":bunny: