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08-10-04, 07:20 AM
Marine volunteer changes lives one week at a time
Submitted by: MCAS Miramar
Story Identification #: 20048516256
Story by Lance Cpl. Skye Jones

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif. (Aug. 6, 2004) -- As a volunteer, Cpl. Russell Oubina is changing lives for the better one week at a time.

Oubina has been working with the Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp for three years and is a volunteer coordinator of the military volunteers.

"He's a busy Marine who works extremely hard at everything he does," mentioned Capt. Jeffrey P. Wooldridge, COMCABWEST Meteorology and Oceanography Officer, Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron. "He's a super multi-tasker. You can go in and ask him to do something and he will make sure it gets done, despite being in the middle of something else."

The weather observer at Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron coordinated all of the military volunteers from approximately 10 different bases for the camp, while still upholding standards of excellence in his job.

"He likes to do all of the extra stuff in and out of work and he does it with a smile," said Wooldridge, a New Bern, N.C., native.

Before Oubina joined the Corps, he moseyed through life without a sense of purpose, "I spent a couple of years in college, but I wasn't where I wanted to be in my life."

However at 24, the Mahopac, N.Y., native decided to make a change in his life by joining the Marine Corps.

"I saw my friends from high school go and come back after going into the Marine Corps and I saw how much it had changed their lives," said Oubina. "They had discipline, motivation and focus, and that provoked me to join."

The dedicated volunteer has been working for and at the MDA camp each year that he has been in the military. He helped out at the camp for two years and this year he took over his former Master Gunnery Sergeant's job of recruiting volunteers and organizing everything.

Not only does the motivated corporal help out during the summer, he also helps raise money throughout the year to send the kids to camp, such as organizing golf tournaments and motorcycle races.

"The best part of volunteering for the MDA is the children, they awaken something in you," explained Oubina. "I love helping out because these kids are so high on life and they give you so much enthusiasm."

His hard work paid off and last year, the MDA awarded Oubina the West Coast Volunteer of the Year award for his dedication to their cause.

"It felt great to get that award, but I would like to have others who have helped out receive the glory and appreciation," said Oubina.

Oubina likes to get the most out of his days on earth and he suggests that others do something that makes them happy, which will lead to a more fulfilling life.

"Don't do something because you are getting paid, but do it because you want to and then you will put more enthusiasm into it, creating a happier life."


Cpl. Russell Oubina becomes a prisoner of war at Muscular Dystrophy Camp where he was a volunteer coordinator. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Skye Jones