View Full Version : Well Trained

10-01-02, 11:34 AM
When she joined the Marine Corps,

She had a special flare;

The type of person who entered room,

And everyone knew she was there.

She went through all the training ,

Learned everything thrown her way;

From firing guns to camoflage,

Then graduated one day.

She looked great in her unifrom,

Performed duties with precision;

Never turned down a job,

Always made the right decision.

Loved her life as a Leatherneck,

Both on and off the base;

Always using her training,

Whatever the time or place.

When she went to a party,

And it wasn't a lot of fun;

She'd slip away to the powder room,

Knowing just what had to be done.

She'd apply her camo makeup,

With perfection to her face;

Then when she was totally invisible,

Leave the party without a trace!

Author Unknown.........