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08-06-04, 05:57 AM
Marksmanship Training Unit prepares Marines for combat <br />
Submitted by: MCB Camp Butler <br />
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Story by Lance Cpl. T. J. Kaemmerer <br />
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08-06-04, 07:56 AM
I find it sad more technology hasn't gone into inventing a machinegun barrel that doesn't need changing when it overheats, which is when a gunner is in the mix of a battle and is needed the most.

Because I flew in helicopters, I could carry extra barrels ~ but
M-60 Grunts, like Sparrowhawk, couldn't carry as many as I did because of the logistics in carrying them on foot.

Iraq is not a helicopter war, so I imagine the Grunts need to carry extra barrels in case of an extended firefight.
More work for the gunners and ammo carriers.

We need more technology to work on solving the burning of a
machinegun barrel.
It could save lives.

Semper Fi