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10-01-02, 08:34 AM
No where are promotions more important than in the military, and for this region that center of influence resides at Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany. The head of the Marine Corps Materiel Command, Bradley M. Lott, received a second star this week to achieve the rank of major general.

Maj. Gen. Lott has served as commander of the Materiel Command here since July 2001 following duty as commander of the First Force Service Support Group, stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. He was promoted to brigadier general in July 1999 when he took over the Service Support Group. He and his family were stationed previously at MCLB in 1991.

The last two-star general to lead the Materiel Command was Gary S. McKissock, who was transferred from MCLB to Marine Headquarters in Washington D.C. in September 1999, and promoted to lieutenant general.