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08-05-04, 08:18 AM
I recieved this from my sister this morning (8/05).
I have not seen anything on the news about this yet.

Opinions here are that of my sibling.

As many of you know, I live just outside Albany, NY (about 20 minutes). This morning the FBI, in conjunction with the local police, raided a mosque and arrested two men who have attempted to purchase shoulder-held missle launchers. My husband flies anywhere from 1 - 4x a week....and for what other reason would they want these weapons other than to shoot down airplanes? It is obvious to me that the terrorists are honing down their territories to include smaller communities and cities. This is a VERY disconcerting event to me - my husband is flying back tomorrow from DC..... We all need to be on the lookout as the experts in Albany are saying that these terrorists are living and planning attacks in American suburbs. In spite of the recent events (the laptop computer w/info on American targets found in Pakistan this week) and this one in Albany, the libs will continue to try and protect some sort of elusive "civil rights" of the very people we should be scrutinizing. Unless moderate islamists come out and defy the radical islamists, unless the moderate islamists come out and CONDEMN in no uncertain terms these kinds of activities then they should expect the same kind of raids that happened this morning.... The leaders of this mosque say they "don't know for sure" if the two men were arrested (The confirmation was already on the news) they were also very approachable right after the raid when there were just a few reporters on the scene, but as the crowd is growing this a.m. they are becoming more radical in their words. This is a huge opportunity for them to spread their umbrage and to gather more support from the liberals for their so called "civil rights"..... as I have said before, my husband flies rather extensively and he is not put off by the security, has never had his civil rights "violated", but there is an ever increasing outrage in the media and on the left wanting to reduce the scrutiny and security on and against terrorism.... This was a wake up call to me, and just KNOW that if it happens in Albany it can happen in your city.... please, please let us become more proactive in writing our representatives and asking that the Patriot Act be renewed, that our security be tightened and that our law officers and agents become more equipped to stop these things dead in their tracks!!! We must operate and defend ourselves from a position of strength, not weakness and we all saw what the previous 12 (actually 32 years) of weakness did to strengthen the terrorists!!!! Thanks for listening! Karenm

08-05-04, 08:50 AM
Found this in my E-Mail; <br />
Albany Mosque Raid Uncovers Missile Plot <br />
<br />
By CURT ANDERSON, Associated Press Writer <br />
<br />
WASHINGTON - Two leaders of a mosque in Albany, N.Y., were arrested on charges...

08-05-04, 08:53 AM
I don't think it matters where they planned to use them, they should be charged to the full extent of the law and be used as an example to other who may try and do the same.

08-05-04, 09:31 AM
The networks are now reporting this quite extensively.

If I'm a child molester, I have to register in any community I choose to live in.
I actually would have a "profile" of being a child molester.

Since Muslims seem to be out to get us, I think all need to be scrutinized for the safety of the greater number of us in this society.
No hiding behind Alah.
A very large percentage of the terrorist acts commited against this country have been perpetrated by Middle Eastern men AND women.

Time to start profiling !!!