View Full Version : Will You Show up in DC 12Sept04???

08-03-04, 11:58 AM
:marine:Last week at the Boston DNC clambake...our consolidated March to the FleetCenter was LOUD and later,even LOUDER in front of Kerry's condo on ritzy/trendy Beacon Hill which was guarded by a phalanx of State Troopers and Secret Service suits[the latter:with murder in their eyes]...Jerry was most gracious to all the Vets and deemed the March a total success for his para/military orginization...[Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry]...now he wants ALL you VVets in the DC area to march with him on the above date...I told Jerry about ..leatherneck.com...but due to his hop/scotching around the USA, he was unaware of this website; however, I informed Jerry it is a hotbed of VVets vs Kerry...he asked me to ask all you Marines in here to come to the aid of this next March, which will form up ..West Front of the US Capitol Biulding, Washington, DC at 1400 and the March will end at 1600...he expects C-Span will be filming it for national coverage [1st time]...you 'Nam Marines are very ardent, blustery and virulently against Kerry, so put your money up where your mouths are...WW2 Vets joined up to march for Jerry in Boston...along with Korean War Vets and Gulf War Vets [I+II] all marched vs Kerry...it is time for you to do something other than just b*tch and moan at a stoic screen...Jerry needs big numbers of vocal Vietnam Vets vs Kerry to march...I passed the word on to you, so lets see how DC Marines in here do with this clarion call...I also recruited the "Virginia Veterans For Bush" to be there, and they promised they would join in Jerry's March..so you DC Marines are on the clock AND for the record, too!! Semper Fi:marine:

08-03-04, 01:04 PM
May not be able to go to DC, on that day..

But perhaps organize a West Coast Pro Bush, Vietnam Veterans against John Kerry.... March

We can start her at 1600 - 1800 hours?

It's do-able.....

I know I can get 200-300 easy... if I include WWII, and Korean Vets....



08-03-04, 02:06 PM
:marine: I knew I could depend on you...just to let the complacent and uninformed Californians know, that Kerry does everything with smoke and mirrors...as YOU know he tarred all Vietnam warriors with murder, rape, beastiality and were not worthy of the combat uniform...You guys are NOT war criminals...you are gallant Marines who fought the GOOKS with dash and valorous elan [second to none]...that is the catalyst to what Jerry Kiley wants to remember about their volunteer youth...not the lies Kerry said to gain attention to his political ambitions...he's the biggest sellout of America's armed forces [then]since Harry-Ass-Truman...pull the pin....'Hawk, get your comrades to go public for a fighting American President...GW Bush...we are all a grass-root following of America's fighting forces that reach over the past 60 yrs, the USA is the greatest way of life the world over...all of us have seen the rest of the world...and it comes in a distant second to Uncle Sugar and the big PX...we may be flawed, but we FIGHT to save our legacy we EARNED since 1775...this phony war-hero is full of "Japanese" splatters...way to go , 'Hawk...get that M-60 machine gun acrackin'...smooth sea's Marine and well done. SSGT CHRIS SARNO-USMC FMF :marine: PS....Don't forget the Gulf War Vets [I+II]...they are bringing the bacon home right now in Ragland.