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08-02-04, 05:52 AM
Marines target Unknown Distance Course
Submitted by: MCRD Parris Island
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Story by Lance Cpl. Brian Kester

MCRD/ERR PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. (July 30, 2004) -- In order to sustain Marine Corps Common Skills training, the Marines from H&SBn. conducted an unknown distance shoot at Khe Sanh Range July 22.

The battalion's mission to support recruit training alongside the possibility of individual augmentation to a unit in Iraq makes this kind of mission readiness training imperative.

"You can't get enough Marine Corps Common Skills training," said Capt. Bradley Anderson, Headquarters Co. commanding officer. "[We also want] to get everyone out of their workstations and work sections. You can't take for granted the fact that any of them could end up being tabbed as an individual 'augmentee' to Iraq at any point. So we try and step up a lot of Marine Corps Common Skills training using Weapons and Field Training Battalion coordination."

The battalion had access to 4,500 rounds for 104 Marines to fire on targets of varying unknown distances. The rooftop, bunker, sandbag and window positions each provided the Marines with a variety of scenarios from which to assault the targets.

When Cpl. Jeremiah Butler, a radio repair technician with Depot Telephone, heard about the H&SBn. shoot, three words escaped his mouth, "Sign me up."

With events like this, there is more of a chance to pay closer attention to the classes and then apply that knowledge, said Butler. There is more time to think about things, such as judging the distances of the targets, which really allows us to sharpen our skills.

The environment is more relaxed compared to the annual qualification that Marines undergo each year, thus Marines tend to see it as not just another training exercise, rather, as a chance to, "blow stuff up."

"We want to get Marines out here so that they can practice with their weapon and get a hold of it at other times during the year besides their annual [qualification,]" said Anderson.

Anderson wants to ensure the Marines never lose their proficiency with their primary objective, "every Marine a rifleman," and that objective is one that most Marines are anxious to display.

"I shot all but two of the targets," said Lance Cpl. William Powell, legal assistant at Finance. "They are trying to simulate a war environment here and I guess the only thing missing is you don't have people shooting back at you."


Corporal Carmen Curry, training NCO with Female Clothing, moves from the bunker position during the H&SBn. unknown distance shoot at Khe Sanh Range July 22.
Photo by: Lance Cpl. Brian Kester