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09-30-02, 08:50 PM
You've ever used the term &quot;Oohrah&quot; in any context other than sarcasm. <br />
The blue prints of your dream home are based on a Quanset hut. <br />
You've ever rolled pennies to buy beer on a weeknight. <br />

09-30-02, 09:02 PM
Humm, up until this point, I wasn't sure!

#94. You call cadence during sex.

Doesn't everyone?

09-30-02, 09:46 PM
College credit fer military service?
Why the hell not!

Oficers ARE too stoopid to work on planes...or much of anything else for that matter!

What's wrong with spades?

Not Aqua Velva. I use Old Spice!

I don't have my rank in my windshield....yet.

The cleaners never could get uniforms done right!

The Air Force is NASTY! I won't go there.....

"Dad" was a good Marine. Combat didn't get him, but that heart attack sure as hell did!

If they were in the Navy, I COULD kick their ass. The Seals always looked surprised fer some reason.....

I'm still workin on the WM thing.....

Calling cadence during sex?
Not out loud anyway! What do ya think I am? Some kinda cretin!

05-28-06, 12:15 PM
Ha Ha love this thread!! But you forgot...
asking to "pass the f**king potatoes"
at thanksgiving dinner and wonder why everyone was staring at you...

Great list! keep it going..!

05-28-06, 11:02 PM
or..."If you ever truly thought your Plt. Sgt. gave a damn..."

05-29-06, 03:47 PM
When you had a date w/Miss Michigan.

06-09-06, 02:32 AM
You have the misconception that you can kick someone's ass because they're in the Navy.

Mwahahahaha!!!! good one!

06-09-06, 04:11 AM
Humm, up until this point, I wasn't sure!

Doesn't everyone?

anyone ever sing inches 12, it started at inches 1 and went to 12 until she got that inches 12 she said honey go to hell put your pecker in your pants and drive me home drive me home !!

06-09-06, 07:05 AM

I have only heard that one time and that was at sh*thouse bay at MOS school and have never heard it since. Does anyone know of a good site to get cadence to download. I would like to find that one

06-09-06, 11:34 AM
... You refer to any past [or current] enemy as "Bayonet Lube" and consider it to be descriptively correct.

http://afsf.lackland.af.mil/Images/WWII/images/WWII%20All%20the%20Way_jpg.jpg (http://afsf.lackland.af.mil/Images/WWII/images/WWII%20All%20the%20Way_jpg.jpg)

06-09-06, 12:48 PM
I think the democrats need to see this poster!!!!!!!! It would seem they are fighting for the wrong side!!


07-04-06, 03:18 PM
you might be a jarhead...if off duty you've ever answered the phone by saying "be advised this line is unsecured.

08-02-06, 12:54 PM
And you also might be a jarhead if you snatch somebody up by their stackin' swivel...

08-02-06, 03:13 PM
or If you ever made your girlfriend stay the weekend in the barracks because hotels are expensive. If you ran a pft better hung over than you did sober. If you have ever been to a bar with 13 of your closest friends and wondered why you couldn't pick up any women. If you know your 12th and 13th general orders. If you think the girl you met in J'Ville was really a virgin. If you think that girl doesn't know how to get in touch with you when you leave her and she finds out she's pregnant with your platoon's child. If you still arrive an hour and ahalf early to everything-and you got out six months ago.

08-02-06, 03:24 PM
or If you ever made your girlfriend stay the weekend in the barracks because hotels are expensive. If you ran a pft better hung over than you did sober.

Lol. I read that to my wife and we both started laughing. Back when she was my gf she spent an entire week in the barracks on the DL. She was visiting from Iowa and a room was way to much. lol..oh and dont get any ideas she was the barracks rat either ! she was all mine and i wasnt sharing. :)

Every Pft I ran hung over I had awesome times. all the ones where i got plenty of sleep and was well rested i sucked.

08-02-06, 03:39 PM
true, outlaw. my wife did too. man, i kinda miss those days. I mean..if you ever miss living in the barracks....

08-02-06, 03:43 PM
yeah i was bs'ing with a few buddies of mine yesterday and barracks rats came up. How any time chicks would show up all the grunts would get out on the catwalks and start hooting and hollering. OH and God forbid you actually had a rat in your room. Every Tom , Dick and Harry wanted to stop by ( with their shirt off ) to borrow soap, brasso, iron, to return that dollar they borrowed from you back in SOI, to ask you a question about some crap on their MCI . Lol....f*cking Marines!

08-02-06, 04:06 PM
how about when the nerdy guy two rooms down had his sister in town to visit? you could see it from any tlz on base. there'd be about twenty f'in Marines out there trying to get a good look at some poor guys fat 15 yr. old sister. dirty, dirty bastards. even the boots would show up. one of my friends had these two rats that would cook for him and bring him food like everyother night. and that was it. they just felt like feeding this Marine that wouldn't even be seen out in j'ville with them. pretty funny stuff.

08-02-06, 04:16 PM
lol....exactly ...oh wow you brought up some funny memories, and when you said a fat 15 year old sister thats no sh*t! Marines are dirty , filthy , vile creatures , who have absolutely no morals or standards. I would never ever want any of those bastards around my sister and theres absolutely no way in hell I would ever go to war without those same bastards.

08-02-06, 04:35 PM
no doubt, well said. man, i miss those guys.

08-02-06, 05:52 PM
sounds like I missed out lol