View Full Version : Thanks for the help, glad I found yall!

07-29-04, 08:37 PM
After reading all of your advice, I called back to speak with the Leut. that had been talking with me. She asked me to send a letter by fax no later than 7/30. I faxed the letter to her on 7/28 and also later that day found out that they are not going to process him at this time. NJP yes, separation no. GREAT NEWS !!!! Thanks a million.


07-29-04, 09:00 PM

It appears that your son's integrity won out this time. He still has alot of work to do. He needs to keep positive. NJP, I never had one in my 20 years but I was witness to many. The usal ot come is positive if the MArine takes it for face value.

Your welcome ma'am

07-29-04, 10:40 PM
Also glad I could be of help. hope all ends up well